Why You Must Follow Directory Submission Guidelines

Directory submission guideline is set up to reduce spam submission. Many years ago, directories don’t implement submission guidelines. As a result, many people abuse the submission form by submitting pornography and gambling site. The directory owners have to spend a lot of time to review the listing and delete the spam submission. It takes a lot of time to spot the spam submission and delete them. As a result, the directory owner has setup their own submission guidelines to make the editing process easier.

Every directory has its own submission guidelines. The submission guidelines must be followed by the webmasters. It is important to read the submission guidelines when performing a directory submission. Some directories will not approve site that contain too much advertisements such as banner ads, pop up ads and pop under ads. If your site has excessive ads, you should remove them before submitting it to the directory. Even if your site has a few ads, it is recommended that you remove all of them. In this way, your site is guaranteed to be included in the directory. Editors don’t like to review site with a lot of ads because it is messy. Most directories allow you to add keywords to the listing.

Depending on the directory requirements, each keyword must be separated by a comma or space. You should avoid adding a large list of keywords. You can add 3 – 5 keywords to the listing. There is a word count requirement for the description. For example, the directory may require the description to have at least 100 words. In this case, if your description has lesser than 100 words, the form will not be submitted successfully. You can use an online word count tool to calculate the words in the description. The title should briefly describe the content of the site. The description is slightly longer than the title. The description should summarize the content of the site in 2 – 3 sentences. Your title and descriptions must be succinct and be able to grab the attention of the visitors.

Automation submission is not allowed in most directories. It is recommended that you submit to each directory individually.

You can always outsource the submission work to a SEO company. The SEO company is equipped with a large group of staff that are well versed with the submission guidelines. They know what is allowed and what is not allowed in the submission listing. They will request the necessary details from you including titles, descriptions and keywords. Some SEO company allows you to submit various titles and descriptions. When hiring a SEO company, you should compare the price and features of the package. In this way, you will know which SEO company is offering the cheapest article submission service. The SEO company should offer the article submission service at a reasonable price. If the price is too cheap, it may indicates that the SEO company use automated submission. You should not risk buying automated submission service because it can cause the reputation of your company to drop.

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