Website Traffic vs. Marketing… Which comes first?

Most people think about their web marketing, they tend to imagine big commercial enterprises. Possibly their first association is SEO optimization, e-mail marketing software, or web banners. However web marketing is much more on this. A little bit of web savviest can give you the contact that you need in whatever project you are involved.

Anyone get worried on their site online is how to get rid of website traffic. Though there are essential for business reason, even they have small personal site want others to stop by and visit. This is been important when the web became popular with the general public, and it is something might never change the ways people draw this traffic to their web sites.

Since I was working on the Web marketing business for the past few years, I really cut this in the music industry. When I was working as a promoter for a small independent band our resources were extremely limited. Perhaps we had a big local following; we were unable to have it out on the Portland music scene. Our internet marketing started on MySpace where most small bonds start. Although a lot of people is unconvinced, and it is wonderful how effective a tool is to connect you with our fans, but the problem is that it doesn’t go beyond that. Web marketing comes in useful where there is a great way to get people who already know you to come out to your shows but there is a good way to gain fans.

I was noticed that when I was first online, a lot of people simple pleading others to visit their sites. Many thought that they were going to get website traffic. And no one really knew what to do on how people get to their sites. There are a lot of searches, but I can’t seem to remember if Google really around or not. I really don’t know if it was hard to find what you are looking for most of the time and pleading for website traffic couldn’t end so long. Even though it was annoying when people doing and knew it still there are some that need to do it but most people have taken another approach.

A Word-of-mouth campaign is one of my favorite techniques in Web marketing at that time. Even though a lot of people look down on it, but many secretly do it anyway. You can really get people to check out your bands by posting on bulletins, placing ads on Craigslist, getting colleagues to link to your band’s website, and generally creating enough buzz around your local music scene. Even if this can be a very complicated process for a professional Web marketer, in the Independent music scene, it is relatively easy. As far as the internet goes, the fact is many bands engage niches that haven’t fully capitalized on. Getting high ranking for searches related to your local music scene is easier than you might think.

It is a big part of web marketing, no matter what industry you are in, is smart on your creations, keyword optimized, and intelligent articles. My strong point is writing and so I was able to get really high on ranking whenever anyone did searches on the local venues that the band played in that means that, come Saturday night when people were looking for a show to go to in the neighborhood, they would usually come across references to our band even if we weren’t playing that exact location they were looking at on that day.

Now a days, people go about looking website traffic into another ways. Several people tend to visit forums and post links to their sites, and this work well on a small level. If you are looking for a huge website traffic numbers you can do something like advertising such as Google Adsense is the good program. This program uses the keywords in content to place relevant ads on the site. Some drive in traffic simply by using the right keywords.

You can keep tabs on who is visiting by getting software that tracks visitors no matter how you go about getting that website traffic. Even though you will not see names, addresses but still you can see the city, state, and country and also you can see how long they were there and what pages they visited. This can help you choose who is coming, and what is working on your site and what is being skipped over and this was adapt site to what the visitors wants. When they get what they want, they are more likely to come back. Despite that you cannot get any personal information about these people make it sure that the do not know they being tracked. They may think the most awful, even though you aren’t getting anything other than essential activity information.

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