Use The VTF Method to Increase Google Page Rank on Any Site

Your Google Page Ranks says a lot about your site. Maybe a lot more than you think. This one rank contains a wealth of information that Google uses to determine when and where your site will be listed in searches. Working on improving your Google Page Rank (PR) is arguably one of the most important aspects of your online business. In the end a higher PR will make you rank higher and more often which leads to more traffic and more money in your pocket.

There seems to be this common belief that search engine optimization is a form of „black magic“ and that there are some secret methods that only a few experts know. This is utter nonsense. Google is quite open in their documentation about what it takes to rank high.

For the most part getting a high page rank relies on backlinks. All the „buzz“ in the world of SEO is around getting backlinks. This is all good and you should spend as much time and money as possible on getting quality back links.

Unfortunately this is where most marketers and website owners stop. This is where their sites fall flat and fail to get the kinds of rankings they can easily get by follow the VTF method. On it’s own it won’t make you get a great PR, but if you combine it with building backlinks you will start to climb up Google’s rankings very quickly.

The VTF method in short is all about „getting it right“ on your site itself. These are things Google always look for and if you miss them you will be penalized. If not now, then over time. Why? Because Google is always weeding out sites that they deem inferior and what they deem inferior seldom has anything to do with the actual content. So, lets look at some key point of the VTF Method.

1. Visibility It goes without saying that you need to make your site visible to the search engines. Using a proper xml sitemap is vital in getting indexed and recognized by Google’s spiders. A good sitemap will make your entire site visible and allow Google to index all your pages. If you are using WordPress, then you have to use the XML Sitemap plugin. It has many advantages apart from automatically creating and updating your sitemap.

Visibility includes a lot more than just sitemaps. Most importantly, you should not „hide“ any of your content in secret scripts – Google hates that. Keep it clean and make it easy to red and get to.

2. Transparency Search engines are in the business of providing quality content to heir users. Google especially is doing their very best to weed out inferior sites. If they could have it their way, they would only have Wikipedia type sites that are rich in content, accurate and free from commercial intent.

One way to weed out rubbish content is to look for sites that aren’t „real“. Hiding any aspects of what you are doing with or to your visitors is a BIG mistake. Transparency is all about being transparent with exactly what you are about and what your site is about. That’s why having a Privacy Policy, contact and company information and even disclaimers are so important.

3. Formality Back in the day when search engines first started gaining popularity, getting ranked was as simple as adding a couple of keyword tags to your web pages. Nowadays, it is more of a formality than a advantage.

Things like image tags, keyword tags, meta descriptions and H1 headings are all a sign of a well designed site. It gets a certain amount of „respect“ from the search engines. By following all the formalities you will demonstrate that you mean business and that you are not just some crappy site. The VTF method is very powerful if you combine it with your link building efforts. A well designed site that is transparent and visible to the search engines will help your climb up the rankings faster than you might think.

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