Top Reasons Why Google Rankings Dropped

Getting high rankings for competitive keywords on Google Search Results is one of the main objectives of most online business when they start doing Search Engine Optimization on their websites.

This is for the fact that Google is the most used search engine by internet users when they search for information, want to avail online services or buy online products. Basically, if a site appears on top rankings in Google SERP, this will make it more visible and accessible to its targeted visitors or customers. However, if its keywords have dropped their rankings, this will lessen its organic traffic from search results which may also lead to decreasing its online sales. So if your website is experiencing any keywords dropped and wondering to know why this happened, listed below are some of its top reasons:

1. Google might penalize or ban your website

One of the main reasons of keywords dropping is that the site might be penalized or banned by Google. To find out this, you need to search your website on Google by just typing your actual domain name in the search box. If it displays your website on the results, then it’s not banned.

To know whether your site has been penalized or not, you need to evaluate its on-page optimization. Google doesn’t like sites that implement keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway page and other form of black hat techniques so better clean up your site and request for reconsideration.

2. Google has changed its Algorithm

When Google is updating its algorithm, sites may experience some drastic changes on their keyword rankings. It might be increased or dropped. To verify this, you have to check some Webmaster forums and see if other webmasters are also experiencing some keywords dropped. If yes, the best thing to do is do nothing and just wait until Google is finished on its updating. Changing quickly on the site might be the worst thing you can do if you are unsure of what exactly the issue is.

3. Site’s Competitors are Doing Better on Link Building

If your website is experiencing some keywords dropped, then your online direct competitors might doing better on building more quality links. Google places more weight on fresh links as well as on those relevant links. So to make your site be more competitive and get better ranking over its competitors , it’s necessary to continuously build for more quality backlinks.

4. Recent Change on Site’s On-Page Factors

If a website has recently made some changes on its on-page factors specifically with its title tags, content or internal-linking structure, this may also affect its keyword rankings in Google SERP. Like for example, you have changed the title tags of your site’s page with different keywords, the rankings of those keywords for that particular page might be dropped and will only bring back or increase its rankings after the page is indexed again by Google.

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