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Yes, You Too Can Get to the Top of Google in 24 Hours or Less!

So, you want to get your blog, article, photo, video, news release and/or what ever message you have to the top of Google’s search engine? Well it’s not as hard as you think and in most cases you can do this in 24 hours or less and in some cases even shorter than a hour.

I would have to imagine that your reading this because you most likely see the value in getting noticed at the top of the search engines. Doing so can create more traffic to your website, blog or anything that you want to attract attention to online. Over 200,000,000 (yes, that’s million) searches per day on Google and I will show you how you can get a piece of those numbers!

Perhaps you have a service or product to offer and want to promote that service, more leads. Maybe you have nothing to sell, you just want to attract more attention to „your stuff“ online. Whatever reason or motivation you have to get to the top of the search engines, understand that their are different levels of „what you know now“ and „what you will know tomorrow“, in other words, the more you apply this, the more you will learn and the better your results will become.

The first thing is, build the foundation right today. You may not have a clue what you are doing today, so that is why it is important to do it right now before you find out you did it wrong and have an online matrix that not even Neo would want to jump in to.

So, without knowing today what you will know tomorrow, where do we start? The first thing we want to do is understand and identify what you are trying to get to the top of the search engines and then we can better choose where is the best place to start is. Not to say you won’t do it all, but lets start with the „best online location“ for you to begin.

To me, there are few different types of places online to „post“ your articles, photo’s, news releases, video’s etc. to get them noticed at the top of the search engines, so lets go through each one so you can choose where the best place to submit your stuff to would be.

1. Article sites – You can simply write and article and when you „tag“ that article correctly, you can often see yourself on the search engines for the title of your article in a few hours or less. Some of your better articles sites are actually reviewed manually and you may have to wait up to 72 hours or more before your article is approved, but it is often worth the wait.
2. Press Release Sites – There are several Press Release sites available online to submit your article to. Typically these sites are easy to use but you have to follow their guidelines as to how to format your press release, you may have to have a minimum amount of characters or words, but again, when you „tag“ these articles correctly, you can appear not only on the top of Google’s search engine, but you may find your self in other news sources from Google News or possibly even MSN to Fox News.
3. Classified Sites – I am not talking about craigslist. craigslist is good for craigslist only and is a great source for people finding what you are selling or looking for on craigslist, but craigslist is not very search engine friendly. The classified sites that I found can get you on the top of Google in just a couple hours. These are the simplest method because typically it does not take much text to your ad and you can get immediate results. The challenge is that often these sites only post your ad for a month or two and then you have to re-submit it. Not a big deal, but it is a little more maintenance. Also, these adds may be short lived, but they do work.
4. Bookmarking Sites – No matter what you choose to do, you are going to want to „bookmark“ these items. Online Bookmarking is a great way to build a list of followers and get noticed in the search engines, but it will also create valuable „backlinks“ to your website or blog. If you have a video on Youtube or any place online, you will definitely want to bookmark these videos as well. Doing so will give that video thousands of more opportunities to be viewed.

Example: Copy and paste „mike barnes top of google“ in Google’s Search Engine. (Open a new browser or window and go to to Google’s Search Engine, Notice this article is on the first page, if not #1

There are several other things you can do to dominate the search engines for whatever subject you want and direct traffic wherever you want! Want to know more? Would you like to learn how you can do this for anything you want to have noticed online? Drive more potential viewers by the thousands to your online product or blog, I will show you how.

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So what do you have to loose other than the tens of thousands of new visitors that you can attract to your product or service online -no matter what it is!

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