Tips for Effective Keyword Research

SEO Toronto is a technique that is used to enhance a website’s visibility in results of a search engine. A company’s SEO plan includes what search engine is used by its target users, how that search engine works, what the targeted users search for and what exact terms they type in for their search. Different searches like video search, image search, news search and local search are targeted for SEO purposes. Read on to know what keyword research is and how it should be carried out.

What are keywords?

SEO Toronto helps in increasing the relevance of a website to precise keywords. Keywords are those terms that are typed in by target users to carry out their search in a search engine. Normally, it’s not just one word; it’s an ideal combination of different words or a phrase. In order for the search engine to match the keyword with your website, it is important that you understand what precise keyword is searched for by your targets. For that, you should carry out a thorough keyword research. Here are some basics on the topic.

Eliminate misapprehensions

Before going ahead with your keyword research in SEO Toronto, you should eliminate the misapprehension that you know what target audience is looking for. With your website, you would know what terms you, the site owner, would use, but it is difficult to foresee what target users draw on. When portraying your site, do not use industry jargons as your customers would not know them. They would not be searching your site if they knew those words themselves in the first place.

Prepare a keyword list

While carrying out the research, base it on the major keyword. You can create a potential keyword list for the purpose. This list includes all those specific terms you and your customers use when talking about your product or service. You can also look for synonyms to these words. Let the list comprise of the different words that are associated with and relevant to your service and offerings. Make sure you are omitting all the generic and overly used words.

Use sources for the research

To ensure that you have covered all the relevant keywords, you should search from different sources. You can use your own knowledge on your products and service for this purpose. You can ask your customers and check what words they use to relate to your company. You can also ask employees, colleagues and friends for more help. Include your competitors in the sources. It is imperative that you know what terms they are using to increase rankings and keep yourself updated on the same.

Use keyword research tools

There are tools that can aid you in your keyword research. Tools like Google keyword suggestion tool, overture, Google suggest, wordtracker, etc. They can be helpful in finding out the amount of activity that your keyword is receiving. Once you have finalized a keyword list, you should plan how and where you can strategically place them. Repeat the process to update the keywords on your site for SEO Toronto.

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