Three misconceptions of SEO

Search engine optimization can easily be misunderstood.

When selecting a company to run your SEO program, it’s important to do your homework, not just on the company you’re considering, but on the basics of what makes the process works.

Here are three misconceptions of search engine optimization and how to overcome them.
SEO doesn’t happen quickly – So many times, a client wants to be No. 1 on Google. And they want to happen fast. Unless you buy Google-sponsored ad words, it takes a while to move up Google’s search ranking tools.

„Although very elusive and not completely understood, many SEO experts believe that there is a „sandbox“ for new websites that Google indexes,“ industry blogger Chris Hayes writes. „This „sandbox“ is a time (normally 2-3 months after being first indexed) where a site isn’t allowed to move to the top of the Google search engine (or if it is, it is quickly dropped down in rankings), even though the page might be completely optimized and have 10,000 backlinks.“

Hayes later indicates that some blogs can move quickly up the SEO ladder, but patience is a virtue overall.
„Once out of the sandbox, you still aren’t in the clear,“ he says. „You need SEO optimized pages to move up the rankings.“
Too much keyword repetition is a bad thing – I always tell SEO clients that if you’re writing a school report about a topic, you may mention a particular keyword two to three times in eight paragraphs.

When it comes to writing copy that will be picked up by Google, three to four times is fine. Your content still needs to be readable. Writing copy that attracts readers is still critically important. You still want to draw leads for your business from clicks on pages with your content on them.

Simplicity is important when it comes to web design -If your readers are confused by your web design, it’s likely that Google’s spiders will be lost as well.
This is especially true when it comes to ecommerce.

„Believe it or not, the biggest reason why a shopper won’t buy something on a given website is not due to its price, your customer service, or a lack of buyer’s intent,“ said Daniel Alves, the design director for the small business web design division at the digital marketing and web design company 352 Media Group. „Surprisingly, the biggest reason ecommerce websites fail is because shoppers can’t find what they are looking for.“
Alves is right.

Web users can be fickle. If you don’t satisfy with an easy-to-use web interface, they may not come back.

AUTHOR: Chris Pugh, Business Development Executive
COMPANY: Cybervation is a Columbus, Ohio, web development company providing web and graphic design services to small and medium-sized companies since 1998. Our service is fast and reliable and our rates are the lowest in Ohio.