The Use of Twitter in Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays, most of internet users have existing twitter account. But how can twitter help you optimized your website? Most of online marketers and business owners are keen on digging up information and ideas on how they can optimize their site for them to earn more revenues.

Most of twitter user have tweets composed of effective long tail keywords, are being ranked high and visible in first results page in search engines.

There’s a new innovative way to maximize search engine optimization -with the use of twitter marketing. As you possibly know, Twitter’s links are No Follow and result of being basically futile in link building. Nevertheless, being visible in higher page rank in almost all of search engine result page, you can use it to put your backlinks within them.

Here are the step-by step procedures on how you can optimize your site using twitter.

1. First, choose an effective keyword search or phrases that are related to you site then put them into your tweets comprehensively.

2. Then, generate backlinks in your Twitter account. Place your Tweets into either social bookmarking, article marketing or Web 2.0

3. Now, you just have to wait for a couple of days and see how your tweets with keywords phrases of your chosen niche dominating the ranking in search engines page results

With the use of your tweets, many internet users will be able to search for your twitter account as well the backlinks that is within your account; this is the particular excellent way to define yourself as an expert, as well as putting your personal trademark on steroids. You’re not just optimizing you site, also building your own name in search engine page results.

This less-known strategy but authoritative way will allow you to generate more web traffic thus more revenue.

About the Author

Joshua Elliot has been in Internet marketing since 2007, and use keyword research tool to find out the long tail keyword in his website and blog. He uses Keyword Research Pro to help in keyword research, read Keyword Research Pro Review to find out how great is this tool.