The Secret Of Ranking Tops In Google – The Free Way

Newbies all over the world ask me this question each and every day…

It go’s somewhere along the line of hey Ryan, How do I get more targeted Traffic or how do i get my site to surpass all the competition in my niche and rank tops for my targeted keywords. Well it’s easier said that done. While some niche can be overwhelmed and dominated in mere hours while other take way more time and effort.

Here are some of the variables you need to take into consideration when trying to rank tops:

On-Page optimization: In the form of targeted content, unique content including targeted keywords, Title and Image tags to name a few…

Off page optimization:

– Updating Your Site or Blog: How actively do you add pages or post to your site or blog

These are only a few variables and the most necessary for now for you to take into consideration. So what do I do to outrank my niche competitors?? Well i do it the free way and this is probably the way you’d also like to go.

What I do after my site structure is setup is I solely focus on Off Page Optimization. I use all the free services to my disposal and build a mini network. I use two parent sites linking to my main affiliate site. Then I also use a whole array of other free social site to directly link to those parent sites as well as my main affiliate site. By doing this I increase the power of my main parent sites and most importantly improving the power and ranking status of my main affiliate site.

These are the site I rely the most upon…

– Squidoo

– HubPages

– WordPress

– Blogger

Keep in mind these are only a few and they are all free, there are plenty more to you disposal, but these are more than enough to keep you busy for now… Don’t know how to get it going and put it all together??

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