The Greatest Trap You Fall Into When You Generate Traffic

By Dennis Francis

The push to make profits in the Internet marketing community is getting more frantic. The average Internet marketer makes absolutely no money. What they end up doing is spending a lot of money on books, Pay Per Click, Videos, CD’s and DVD’s to learn the business but get absolutely nowhere. They fall into the Web Traffic Trap. Even when they get a tremendous level of viewers, no one is buying. Here is what you need to stay out of the Web traffic trap.

Many of the people who get into Internet marketing business have found that they need to put a lot of time or money into marketing of their websites. The problem is that they have taken a traditional approach to marketing and advertising.

Small business owners started to copy big business practices by spending their money on banner ads online. Then came Pay Per Click ads to offer a more definitive way for advertisers to track their clicks. The problem is too many people forgot that the goal is to make a sale. Many people were finding that their websites were getting a lot of traffic but less than one percent conversion to sales.

After spending all that money they ended up with very little to show for it. Still they were told that traffic was the life blood of the Internet business. The secret of course is that targeted traffic and a way to connect with your traffic long after they have left is the life blood of the Internet business.

There are good ways to generate traffic and not so good ways to generate traffic. That is just half the battle. Once you generate that massive traffic, you need to do something to get them to come back or at least pay attention to what you have to offer.

It takes on average seven repeat contacts with a prospect to get them to a sale. If that is the case, how much money are you throwing away when you let a visitor stop by your website and quietly go away?

Even if you have a separate sales page, many of the advertisements you promote online are not even remotely connected to the core topic of your marketing keyword phrases. You might have over 100 different keywords going to one sales page.

So what will it take to get out of the Internet Traffic Trap? Here’s what business owners need to do first; get a real Internet marketing plan together. Instead of trying to reach a wide variety of prospects, pick one or two keyword phrases that are not in the millions of searches a day.

Narrow your choices to the two most promising keyword phrases that best represents your target market. Make them a subsection of your niche market. For instance if you sell sweatshirts to sororities and fraternities online, target a specific State or region. Target a specific sorority that has a national presence.

Your keyword phrases should have the name of the sorority in it. Next, set up a distinct sales page with the name of the sorority and a few samples. Let them know that you will send them a free gift if they leave a name, address, phone number and annual average number of new pledges. What you are looking for is conversion to sales not number of clicks. If you make your initial goal the collection of qualified prospects, you can begin to treat them as individuals and continue to develop a relationship with them.

As you take them through the sales process, you can begin to ask them questions. Those questions will lead you to finding out what they really want. You can then provide the goods and services that your prospects are interested in getting.

Once you develop the relationship with your customers, institute a referral program to get their friends and family involved in promoting your business. This is the way to ensure lasting growth and lessen the fluctuations in sales throughout the year.

It is not always about Internet traffic; you can generate traffic but make sure that you do so with the end goal in mind.

If you are caught in the trap of generating traffic with not much return on your investment, take my free introductory coaching program and receive my free book, „Push Button Profits“. Generating traffic is important, generating the kind of traffic that converts to sales is vital.

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