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How To Understand Web Traffic

A website without traffic will not succeed. It is equally crucial to a web master as the location of a property, is to real estate. Website traffic can come from many different sources on the Internet, Articles,blogs, forums, email, partner websites and search engines.
Web site traffic reporting and analytics are essential for any on line business. Web traffic is the amount of visitors that go to a web site. This measures the popularity of site and individual pages or sections of a Web Site. Web traffic can be analyzed by viewing the traffic statistics found in the web server log file, it automatically-generates a list. Web sites like Alexa Internet generate traffic rankings and statistics …

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Here’s What You Weren’t Told About Web Traffic Marketing

If you are just starting your Web-based business and want to reach thousands of potential customers quickly, an opt-in targeted e-mail service is a good place to start.
Here is how it works: Web traffic marketing companies compile lists of e-mail addresses of people who have shown an interest in thousands of products or services by subscribing to newsletters, blogs, or Websites. An e-mail list is then matched with your product, assuring recipients will be interested when they see an e-mail from you in their inbox. This isn

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Guaranteed Traffic Or Guaranteed Rip-Off?

Assuming that everything else is being done correctly, web traffic is probably the most critical element in the success or failure of a web site. Out of the many ways to get a lot of steady traffic, two are vigorously promoted—one is free and the other requires money.
On the free end, we have traffic exchanges where you can sign up and list your site and earn credits by surfing and clicking on other members‘ links which converts into how many times your site will be displayed. Assuming you have all day every day to do that, I suppose that’s a fantastic idea, but I have found that to be the most time-consuming and boring exercise …

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