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Super Techniques in Using Traffic Exchange

Everybody browsing in traffic exchanges desires to bring traffic to his or her site or page. The members who signed up for a traffic exchange are not looking for a product to buy but they simply want exposure for their web site or page. Most of them just browse and wait for the timer to finish and allow them to click and go to the next page. This fact must be considered in order to manage the program properly.
Knowing this and keeping this in mind, using traffic exchange must have a certain strategy. If a member is an affiliate marketer, then it is not enough to use the generic affiliate page as a tool for …

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The Role of Splash Pages in Traffic Exchange

It is widely known that Traffic Exchange is like trading on browsing each other’s sites. When a member gets directed to one’s site it is important for the site to have a certain appeal to get potential customers. Having an exceptional splash page would work best in this.
A splash page is a web page that the viewers see when browsing sites. It could simply be described as a book cover. It establishes a certain disposition about a site or product or service. A good splash page has a headline or a title, a list of benefits, and simple graphics. The goal of a splash page is to persuade viewers to know more about the site …

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