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How to be top rank in Bing Search Engine?

Bing – the newest search engine introduce by Microsoft. It is mostly like other search engine that you can use keywords search or phrases to browse for different websites. But, for its being new, there is advance feature that change the way SEO works. In this search engine, you do not have to bother putting your site in search engines and identify the keywords that you need to use to be high positioned in search engines.
As for business and website owners, having same goal in this field- which is being high ranked in every search engine page results, asking how they can be most visible in this search engine for them to excel the most. …

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Here is the „System“ to top ranking in Google

Want The Free advertising Technique To Getting A Top Listing On Google?
Here is the „System“ to top ranking in Google that anyone can do if they know how:
1) Shoot a video, upload it to several of the video upload sites like YouTube.
2) When you upload your site use the keywords you wish to rank in in your title and description of your video.
3) Next grab a free blog and put your new video on the blog and write up a little article about it and use the keyword(s) you want in the title and description… again…
4) Now go to and type in the URL to the blog that has your new video on it …

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