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How to make your Adult Affiliate site an SEO monster

So you’ve built a Porn Site. You’re sitting there feverishly refreshing cpanel on your web host watching the stats. There are no punters!!
You’ve got great content, you’ve got a winning design, you chose a killer niche that you KNOW converts like crazy.
The answer: SEO.
Let’s talk about search…
While Porn Sites are bandied about as being an easy way to make money online, they pose unique challenges on the SEO front. Being an Adult web master CAN pay the bills, I promise you, but achieving good search engine rankings is a monumental challenge. As a new site out there on the web you will be a gem afloat in a turbulent sea of crap. Just so you …

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Few Attributes of better SEO

The main concern of all websites or WebPages owner is to gain the top rank in the search engine results. And for doing that it is needful to study the working of the search engines very minutely. Only if the of the search engines can be studied very well there is the chance for achieving the best ranks. And this study of the working procedure of the search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization. There are also a lot of SEO organizations who work for the business organizations for the better placement of those websites on the search engine results. The ranking on the search engine result is the main concern of the SEO …

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To the Top of Google

Yes, You Too Can Get to the Top of Google in 24 Hours or Less!
So, you want to get your blog, article, photo, video, news release and/or what ever message you have to the top of Google’s search engine? Well it’s not as hard as you think and in most cases you can do this in 24 hours or less and in some cases even shorter than a hour.
I would have to imagine that your reading this because you most likely see the value in getting noticed at the top of the search engines. Doing so can create more traffic to your website, blog or anything that you want to attract attention to online. Over …

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URL Structure – It is Important For Search Engines and SEO

The URL structure can play a very important part of any SEO campaign and is something that you should always take great care and consideration when planning a new website, again, especially more so if the site is going to be driven by a database with thousands of possible data outputs.
What Is The URL Structure?
It is very easy to go into unnecessary complex details when explaining what the URL structure of a website is, and indeed there are a few elements, but the basic answer is the URL structure is how your URL looks to search engines and of course your clients.
Take for example two different websites, WebsiteA and WebsiteB. Both sites deliver thousands of …

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SEO and Building Natural Links

We all know that in order to attain high rankings in the Google search results we must make a consistent effort to build one way back links to our site. Google emphasizes the need for these links to be natural as they will hold far more weight than unnatural links, but what are natural links and is it really an attainable goal.
Google see a natural link as one which is acquired by creating quality content on our sites, therefore enticing a user to link back to the site as a reference. The problem is, no one is likely to see your content unless you publish it at high traffic sites around the web, like article …

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My keywords are hurting my business!

Hey, you say, aren’t keywords supposed to be good for me?
We know that keywords are the foundation on which any SEO strategy is build. The pages you will create are optimized around the keywords, the content you will create will be focused around those keywords, the links you build will be to those keyword pages, and you will syndicate and promote those same keyword pages across relevant user, web and social communities.
So this brings us to the conclusion that choosing the right keywords can make or break your SEO campaign ahead.
Some examples of wrong keywords:
1. The keyword has very little or no traffic 2. The keyword has not been searched for in the past 2 …

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Landing Page Optimization Made Easy

LANDING PAGE OPTIMIZATION may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many different ways to optimize your landing page. I will share with you 3 of the fastest ways to optimize your landing pages for the most profit in the shortest amount of time.
Fast way 1 – Design
Design is the first most critical element to landing page optimization. A recent Harvard study showed that the main reason people buy from a website is because of on how the site „looks.“ The fastest way to optimize your webpage, squeeze page or landing page is through updated design.
In regards to how your website looks ask yourself these questions:
What is the intent of your page? …

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8 Things That Makes SEO Work

Understanding your business goals is what makes us different. It is very necessary to improve the website quality to be a successful leader in the market. Spending time on improving the quality and PR of the website is always worth, instead of listening to some smart geek and using the unethical methods means to expand the websites short-term popularity.
To make SEO work you need a complete approach focusing few important things. Lets checkout the 8 things that makes SEO work.
* Your Keyword Selection, Prioritize your keywords
* Registration of your domain, Domain name including a keyword, Keyword in filename, Website Address Length
* Proper Placement of Keywords in title tag, Meta Description tag, Meta Keyword tag, Keywords …

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