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Research is the ABC of SEO

I have been reading a lot online recently and the social media buzz grows on a daily basis. Yes, we all know that social networking is becoming an essential part of SEO and how search engines are ranking your site, but many of these ‚SEO/Internet marketing gurus‘, offering ‚rank me quick‘ solutions are focusing too much on the content distribution and link generating.
What ever happened to good old fashioned keyword, competitor and online market research? – the phrases that you choose to optimise your site for, assuming that you achieve high search engine rankings for them, will form the foundation of your social media campaign – giving it a focus … so spare some time …

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SEO and Zen: Ranking without trying to Rank

Originally, our SEO strategy blog was my supposed to be our team’s research checklist for our SEO research team. We used it to essentially be an online notepad that contained a universal theme of our ongoing research projects. Now, the blog is ranking well for search terms like, „SEO strategy Orange County“ (first page of Google) and other related search terms. I was astounded when I found the blog was ranking on the first page for a few other quality search terms as well. So, how can this happen? We never intended for this blog to rank high for competitive, highly sought after first page placements on Google. A review of these factors might shed …

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