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Three misconceptions of SEO

Search engine optimization can easily be misunderstood.
When selecting a company to run your SEO program, it’s important to do your homework, not just on the company you’re considering, but on the basics of what makes the process works.
Here are three misconceptions of search engine optimization and how to overcome them.
SEO doesn’t happen quickly – So many times, a client wants to be No. 1 on Google. And they want to happen fast. Unless you buy Google-sponsored ad words, it takes a while to move up Google’s search ranking tools.
„Although very elusive and not completely understood, many SEO experts believe that there is a „sandbox“ for new websites that Google indexes,“ industry blogger Chris Hayes writes. …

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SEO & the Art of Getting Found

Search engine optimization is vitally important … for some businesses. Not, however, for all businesses. This may sound heretical, especially in light of hundreds of marketers all touting that if your web site isn’t search engine optimized, your business will be bankrupt within a year.
The fact is, search engine optimization is a web site marketing tool – and as such, it is a tool that some businesses find useful, and others do not.
The key to determining whether search engine optimization would be beneficial for your business lies in answering these three simple questions:
* How do we get our clients now?
* How do we want to get our clients in the future?
* How do we want …

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The Use of Twitter in Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays, most of internet users have existing twitter account. But how can twitter help you optimized your website? Most of online marketers and business owners are keen on digging up information and ideas on how they can optimize their site for them to earn more revenues.
Most of twitter user have tweets composed of effective long tail keywords, are being ranked high and visible in first results page in search engines.
There’s a new innovative way to maximize search engine optimization -with the use of twitter marketing. As you possibly know, Twitter’s links are No Follow and result of being basically futile in link building. Nevertheless, being visible in higher page rank in almost all of search …

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Dangerous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Top Five Techniques to Avoid

Many people involved using internet marketing techniques can easily get „caught up“ utilizing methods that seem to be great to get placed high on the search engines. However, everyone should be mindful that there is such thing as illegal SEO techniques that should be avoided like the plague:
1. Pagejacking– Pagejacking is stealing copyrighted content by copying someone else’s webpage and submitting it to the search engines as your own to achieve high rankings. This technique is lazy, sloppy, and you will eventually get caught and banned by search engines.
2. Trademarked Keywords– It is best to avoid using or bidding on trademarked keywords at all cost regardless if they are used in META tags, domain names, …

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5 Critical Factors You Should Know About SEO To Build Your Site Ranking

SEO or Search Engine Optimization marketing used properly, is effective at getting a website organically highly ranked in the search engines eyes, like google, yahoo and MSN.
To become ranked on the first page of a particular niche, or even #1 on page 1 is the holy grail of SEO.
You see whilst SEO is virtually free, it does cost a lot of time to get the strategy right. That said, you can achieve #1 ranking when the sponsored pay-per-click (PPC) ads on page 1 can be costing up to $5 or more per click, to be where you are for free!
This is the attraction of SEO, if you don’t want to, or can’t spend a lot …

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SEO: Let The Sitemap Work For You

Large websites having 50 or more pages should not go beyond 30 since this adds more pages to the site, and might make search engines think that the sitemap is a link farm. The full and restricted sitemaps are very similar except that the former displays all links in all categories all at once in a page, while the latter focuses only the links under the selected category for easier and less eye-straining viewing.
Give keyword-rich titles to sitemap links. As such, it is actually a useful tool in search engine optimization.
What is a sitemap?
Potential advertising value. If it so happens that a relevant product or service company reaches your site, then it would be easier …

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Search Engine Optimization: Schmidt On Privacy, Proprietary Algorithms

The sensitivity of search string data is suddenly on everyone’s mind due to news of the AOL data leak on a research site this week.
Search Engine Watch editor Danny Sullivan is set to interview Google CEO Eric Schmidt in the premier event of San Jose Search Engine Strategies show in San Jose. Guess what his first question is? Give us your thoughts on search data privacy – (in so many words) while holding up a copy of the New York Times. Schmidt seemed not to flinch at the question he must have known was coming in this informal conversation format arranged by Sullivan.
The leaked AOL data is actually from Google results, but AOL is clearly …

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Concerned over web site search engine optimization search results?

The credibility of web site search engine optimization search results has been the subject of major debates for many years. How reliable are the search results and how much can you trust them to bring up relevant information?
When search engine optimisation or SEO first became an important tactic in online marketing the result was a littering of spam results that showed great inventiveness of the SEO specialists.
Amongst the many search engine spam techniques are keywords unrelated to site, redirects, keyword stuffing, mirror/duplicate content, tiny text, doorway pages, link farms, cloaking, keyword stacking, domain spam and more where that came from. A whole new art form of rearranging the search engine results.
Of course the search engines …

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