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SEO: Getting High Page Rank

Page Rank for any website or blog site is expected to vary frequently. This is a common phenomenon that happens to all the reputed sites listed by all the search engines. No matter however you optimize your site you cannot expect to have a steady rising page rank. If you are working with a Search Engine Optimization expert you would be aware of this fact.
Leaders in search engines like Google constantly scans the sites and keep on updating the page rankings given to each of them. They have their own algorithms and criteria for assessing and ranking various websites. And these standards are not limited to one or two subjective analysis. It includes several areas …

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Revealing Two Killer SEO Myths

If you don’t want to destroy your Internet business and your opportunity for success, please listen up. Each day I visit webmaster boards, blogs and sites. And I see so much wrong information. It’s sad that so many people, perhaps even you, are being misled and will ultimately lose a lot of time, money and opportunity.
In this SEO-based article, I will bust open two search engine optimization myths that are deadly. These revelations will help you no matter what you’re doing online: running affiliate programs, personal Web site, Adsense site, company blog, whatever.
Danger 1: Thinking Google’s Pagerank means „strength“ in rankings
Many sites preach that PR of a site is a main factor for how a …

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Use The VTF Method to Increase Google Page Rank on Any Site

Your Google Page Ranks says a lot about your site. Maybe a lot more than you think. This one rank contains a wealth of information that Google uses to determine when and where your site will be listed in searches. Working on improving your Google Page Rank (PR) is arguably one of the most important aspects of your online business. In the end a higher PR will make you rank higher and more often which leads to more traffic and more money in your pocket.
There seems to be this common belief that search engine optimization is a form of „black magic“ and that there are some secret methods that only a few experts know. This …

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