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What are the 7 Keyword Secrets to Rank Your Page No1 in Google ?

In this article, we show you the 7 keyword secrets to rank in the first google,s page.
Like it or not, here are the facts:
1.According to forrester research 93% of consumer’s worldwide use search engine to locate web site.
2.According to user, 85 % of qualified web traffic is driven through search engines. 75% of search engine traffic never scroll past the first page of results.
3.Google is the number one search engine worldwide.
Yahoo , bing and msn are search engines as well, but you have to focuss to google knowing the above factors. and oftenly when your page rank high in google, it appears in msn and bing as well.
Knowing these facts, do you have the …

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Tips for Effective Keyword Research

SEO Toronto is a technique that is used to enhance a website’s visibility in results of a search engine. A company’s SEO plan includes what search engine is used by its target users, how that search engine works, what the targeted users search for and what exact terms they type in for their search. Different searches like video search, image search, news search and local search are targeted for SEO purposes. Read on to know what keyword research is and how it should be carried out.
What are keywords?
SEO Toronto helps in increasing the relevance of a website to precise keywords. Keywords are those terms that are typed in by target users to carry out their …

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Top factors for attaining high search engine ranking

Pay attention to the information I would provide here; they are based on my several years of experience in providing search engine ranking services. There are lots of wrong pieces of information regarding SEO. Do you know that all it takes to rank higher is not far from your reach?
I have offered SEO and ranking services and advice to both big and small businesses. During these years, I’ve come to discover something essential; the sites that rank high usually share some common traits.
The anchor texts of the inbound links to your site
Using the anchor text from sites that link to your site, Google as well as other search engines are able to ascertain the theme …

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Does Google Use Keyword Meta Tag For Rankings?

A Meta Tag is essentially a description about what your website contains, or what is listed on an individual webpage. This text will usually fall just below the title on your website and is what appears on the search engine results page when someone performs a search for your website or any set of keywords that are associated with your website.
Using a good Meta Description can help to draw more individuals to your website and increase your search engine ranking, as long as you aren’t spamming with it. Spamming typically is an overuse of certain words and phrases designed to make a page look like it is more relevant on a topic than others.
Imagine that …

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Why You Must Follow Directory Submission Guidelines

Directory submission guideline is set up to reduce spam submission. Many years ago, directories don’t implement submission guidelines. As a result, many people abuse the submission form by submitting pornography and gambling site. The directory owners have to spend a lot of time to review the listing and delete the spam submission. It takes a lot of time to spot the spam submission and delete them. As a result, the directory owner has setup their own submission guidelines to make the editing process easier.
Every directory has its own submission guidelines. The submission guidelines must be followed by the webmasters. It is important to read the submission guidelines when performing a directory submission. Some directories will …

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Dangerous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Top Five Techniques to Avoid

Many people involved using internet marketing techniques can easily get „caught up“ utilizing methods that seem to be great to get placed high on the search engines. However, everyone should be mindful that there is such thing as illegal SEO techniques that should be avoided like the plague:
1. Pagejacking– Pagejacking is stealing copyrighted content by copying someone else’s webpage and submitting it to the search engines as your own to achieve high rankings. This technique is lazy, sloppy, and you will eventually get caught and banned by search engines.
2. Trademarked Keywords– It is best to avoid using or bidding on trademarked keywords at all cost regardless if they are used in META tags, domain names, …

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How to be top rank in Bing Search Engine?

Bing – the newest search engine introduce by Microsoft. It is mostly like other search engine that you can use keywords search or phrases to browse for different websites. But, for its being new, there is advance feature that change the way SEO works. In this search engine, you do not have to bother putting your site in search engines and identify the keywords that you need to use to be high positioned in search engines.
As for business and website owners, having same goal in this field- which is being high ranked in every search engine page results, asking how they can be most visible in this search engine for them to excel the most. …

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Where Can You Find Keywords?

If there is one thing that is necessary in order to have a good Internet business, it is that you need to have regular traffic coming into it. Having a website that does not have anybody visit it is like having a store which never has any customers. How long would a store like that stay in business? You should not expect your website to do a better under similar circumstances.
One of the main things that needs to be done if you want to get additional traffic to your website is that you have to concentrate on the proper keywords. It does little good if you write things at random and although you may get …

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