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How to Increase your Google PageRank

I often hear lots of people talking about Google Page Ranks and wondering what they are, what influences them and how it helps you? Google Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm that Google cleverly implemented such that each link on the internet has numerical weighting assigned to it measuring it’s relative importance within a given set of related links. The rating scale is between 0 and 10 with the latter being the „highest“ or „most relevant“ within the set. All new websites are assigned a PR of 0.
Although Google give nothing away on how to increase your Page Rank value, but it is believed that it is based on; – the number (and quality) …

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Use The VTF Method to Increase Google Page Rank on Any Site

Your Google Page Ranks says a lot about your site. Maybe a lot more than you think. This one rank contains a wealth of information that Google uses to determine when and where your site will be listed in searches. Working on improving your Google Page Rank (PR) is arguably one of the most important aspects of your online business. In the end a higher PR will make you rank higher and more often which leads to more traffic and more money in your pocket.
There seems to be this common belief that search engine optimization is a form of „black magic“ and that there are some secret methods that only a few experts know. This …

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The 2 Most Important Factors To Increase Page Rank

The Google Page Rank Algorithm is complex. Arguable there’s no ‚one person‘ that fully understands it simply because the nature of it feeds off so many sources within Google that it’s truly becoming a robot that things for itself. To increase pagerank (PR) on a website, you will need to understand the main idea behind the page rank concept.
You can think of the Google Page Rank as being like the Billboard music chart. This chart is simply a ranking that shows which song or album is most popular. The popularity is determined by the one thing that makes it the most important which is sales in the case of music.
With websites the concept is the …

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