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The Other Side of the Google – Google Tools

When most of us think of Google, we tend to focus almost exclusively on the Google search engine. If we are bloggers or online marketers one of our primary concerns is optimizing our websites to rank high in the Google search results in order to drive more and more traffic to our websites and blogs. You should be aware though that Google has a wealth of inbound marketing tools, that largely go unnoticed, that can help you drive more traffic to your sites for both free and paid marketing. I’m talking about tools like Google Adwords, Google Places, Google News, Google Reader, Google Alerts, the Google+ Social Network, Google Analytics, and Google Docs to name …

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Getting Ranked Better on Google without Adwords

What if you could get ranked well on Google without Google Adwords, PPC, and being able to actually make a livable income without going getting involved in pyramid schemes, filling out surveys or other get paid to schemes, and even without your own email list?
Internet gurus do have thousands of dollars to spend on Adwords. The gurus can broker lists and use their JV partners to make deals. Most of us don’t have JV deals like that. What is the average internet marketer to do? How can you make a steady income online if you’re not a guru? You are just as capable as they are after all. Here’s how.
1. Narrow your niche focus
The money …

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There Is No Such Thing as a Duplicate Content Penalty

First, I want you to understand that I am NOT giving you license to steal other people’s content. There ARE repercussions to using duplicate content, but it is not a penalty per se.
There continues to be a lot of misinformation surrounding the so-called „Duplicate Content“ penalty. I actually have one client who was extremely reluctant to start repurposing his articles and distributing them on article directory sites because he was concerned about getting hit with the duplicate content penalty.
There is a myth floating around – and it has been for some time – that if a webmaster publishes the same content on his site that appears on another site (for instance, by publishing an article …

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Secrets Behind Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has become a given in search marketing optimization. Whenever you have a new blog or web content, and you want the search engines to quickly index, it is advisable to bookmark your blog with the social bookmarking sites. In most of the times, your web content would be quickly indexed.
What is happening behind the scene? Search engines like Google,Yahoo, Bing are looking for newer content. Search engines look for newer content at all places. Social bookmarking sites are magnets because they are supposed to have original content.
When you want to remember something, you would create an association. When you want to remember a webpage or website, you would place it in your favorites …

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Reporting Competition To Google Is A Waste Of Time.

I was reading an article written by Rae Hoffman the other day about whether or not it’s a „good“ idea to report your competition to Google. I think it’s such a good topic to discuss that I had to add my own article regarding this „SEO tactic“. (Thanks Rae!!!)
Incase you are not familiar with Google tattle tailing; this is how is goes down. You are in the process of checking out your search engine rankings and realize that another site is kicking your butt. At this time you are so frustrated that you click on their site and look for any technique that could remotely be considered „black hat“. After you convince yourself that this …

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How to Increase your Google PageRank

I often hear lots of people talking about Google Page Ranks and wondering what they are, what influences them and how it helps you? Google Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm that Google cleverly implemented such that each link on the internet has numerical weighting assigned to it measuring it’s relative importance within a given set of related links. The rating scale is between 0 and 10 with the latter being the „highest“ or „most relevant“ within the set. All new websites are assigned a PR of 0.
Although Google give nothing away on how to increase your Page Rank value, but it is believed that it is based on; – the number (and quality) …

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Does Domain Age Matter For Google SEO?

One of the most common features you will find on any site advising on SEO is the recurring shout that domain age plays a huge factor in determining where a site will rank in Google’s search engine results page.
I believe domain age does have an effect on where your site is ranked but I don’t think it is as straightforward as many would like to believe. You see if Google does use domain age it can be for 1 simple reason, it is because an older domain is better established and reliable, therefore less likely to be spam. How many spammers do you know that want to wait 12 months to get to the top …

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Increase Search Engine Ranking To #1 On Google Guaranteed

If you own a website and want free search engine traffic, then it’s imperative that you increase search engine ranking to get to Google’s first page – nothing less will do.
You can get free traffic by doing other promotion such as blogging, article marketing, social marketing etc., but that all takes consistent, daily promotional activities on your behalf. On the other hand, if you get onto the first page of Google then you will reap the benefits of thousands of visitors per month buy doing absolutely nothing because you have already put in the hard work to get you into that position from the start.
So, how can you increase search engine ranking for your web …

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