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Basic Techniques to Generate Traffic from Search Engines

Traffic — And lots of it! It is the dream of every netrepreneur. After all, without steady stream of visitors — or should I say „potential customers“ to your web site, how will you earn your e-fortune?
The first place most e-business start-ups go when they need a quick traffic fix is the search engines. And rightfully so! After all, a top ranking position in one of the major search engines is an effective way to increase the traffic to your web site without spending your hard-earned advertising dollars!
Statistics have repeatedly shown that anywhere from 20% to 80% of your visitors will find your web site via a search engine. However, you should also know that …

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Squidoo Vs. HubPages – Which is More Effective For Getting Traffic?

Both Squidoo and HubPages are both very popular web 2.0 ( or maybe now I should say web 3.0 ) sites. Squidoo has been extremely popular, while HubPages is now up-and-coming. Squidoo was created by Internet Marketing „guru“ Seth Godin, while HubPages was created by 3 lesser known guys; Paul Edmonson, Paul Deeds and Jay Reitz. All things considered, both of the sites are incredibly good for getting traffic. And if done properly, can be an Internet Marketer’s dream.
Page Rank
First off, if you don’t understand what „page rank“ is, it is simply Google’s view of the importance of a website. It is ranked on a scale from 1 to 10. Any site with a 4 …

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The Greatest Trap You Fall Into When You Generate Traffic

By Dennis Francis
The push to make profits in the Internet marketing community is getting more frantic. The average Internet marketer makes absolutely no money. What they end up doing is spending a lot of money on books, Pay Per Click, Videos, CD’s and DVD’s to learn the business but get absolutely nowhere. They fall into the Web Traffic Trap. Even when they get a tremendous level of viewers, no one is buying. Here is what you need to stay out of the Web traffic trap.
Many of the people who get into Internet marketing business have found that they need to put a lot of time or money into marketing of their websites. The problem is …

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