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Dangerous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Top Five Techniques to Avoid

Many people involved using internet marketing techniques can easily get „caught up“ utilizing methods that seem to be great to get placed high on the search engines. However, everyone should be mindful that there is such thing as illegal SEO techniques that should be avoided like the plague:
1. Pagejacking– Pagejacking is stealing copyrighted content by copying someone else’s webpage and submitting it to the search engines as your own to achieve high rankings. This technique is lazy, sloppy, and you will eventually get caught and banned by search engines.
2. Trademarked Keywords– It is best to avoid using or bidding on trademarked keywords at all cost regardless if they are used in META tags, domain names, …

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Deep Linking Submission

Deep Linking is an essential part in seo, and its benefits are many. Though most of the webmaster only concentrates 10% of their effort on inner page promotion. Usually they concentrate on home page, but if we concentrate properly on deep linking, it can give quite fruitful results. A Deep Link is nothing but a link to an inner page of website. While home page is about what the main service or product of the website, a deep link contains the information about the topic related to main product. For instance consider an example of web design company website, while the home page is about web design, there will be inner pages about graphic design, …

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