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Getting Backlinks through Article Submission

Article submission is a popular way of establishing the presence of a company on the internet. Many large and small businesses use article submission to promote their websites.
Nowadays, small business no longer uses traditional media to promote their site. Examples of traditional media include television, radio, and magazine advertisements. One way to build the company reputation is to submitting to the article directories. Popular article directories receive millions of visitors per month. If your article is interesting, many people will come to view your article. In the article, you are allowed to include two active links in the resource box. To insert a link, you need to use the insert full URL, for example …

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Linkbuilding: Seven Things to Avoid When Looking For Link Partners

Designing a Reciprocal Link Campaign can be a tricky endeavor. As a webmaster, you must choose your linking partners wisely. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself one question: „Will this be a valuable resource to my readers?“ If you view it as a legitimate, valuable website, chances are Google will too.
Below you will find 7 tips for avoiding the major pitfalls new web developers often encounter.
1.) Do not link to sites that are irrelevant to yours. Search engines only view relevant reciprocal links as a means of improving your Page Ranking.
2.) Avoid sites that have a „Links Page“ that is hard to find. Some sites don’t even connect their home page …

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Backlinks: 6 Important Strategies to Getting More

Also referred to as IBLs or inbound links, backlinks are a necessary ingredient for high search engine page ranking. If you want your website or blog or article to rise to the top of search engine results pages, you need to have a lot of backlinks. This indicates to the search engines that your site receives a lot of traffic. The more traffic you get, the higher your ranking. You know how they say you need to have money to make money? Well, it’s true about web traffic as well. You need to have web traffic to get more web traffic.
So how do you go about getting these all-important backlinks that will help you to …

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Increase Backlinks and Technorati Rank Using Mixx

Backlinks is the well-known fact that affects your website search rankings. Many of the webmasters opt for the easy and more expensive way such as Text Link Ads. But, SEO copywriters always put efforts to build not only search engine friendly content, but also good and creative content that would force people to link back to it.
In this post, I am going to show you one easy technique to increase your number of quality backlinks and also to improve your blogs Technorati Rank; all with the help of Mixx.
If you are familiar with the social bookmarking, social networking and social media sites, then you must have heard about For those that are not familiar …

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Best Ways To Get One Way Text Links

If you want to get free website traffic from the search engines, everyone knows that you need to get backlinks from other websites to your site. The search engines realized that getting backlinks is difficult for most webmasters, so sites that actually have links can be reliably assumed to be good quality websites. So search engines rank highly those sites that have lots of backlinks.
You should also know that backlinks can be characterized as either reciprocal or one way. Reciprocal links occur when each site gives a backlink to the other. A one way backlink occurs when there is only one hyperlink, from one site to the other without a corresponding hyperlink in the reverse …

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5 Most Common SEO Mistakes

I am going to write about 5 most common mistakes made when optimising your site for the search engines like google, yahoo or If you are new to SEO do study them carefully and the search engines will love your site and rank it high in the results. But there are plenty of mistakes to be made, so don not be the one who is making them. Without further talking, let us go straight to the 5 most common SEO mistakes:
1. Using duplicate content
This is quite a common mistake. You start a blog or a website, make a few posts or some sub pages. But now you’re getting too lazy to continue writing unique …

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Some Keys to Get Good Backlinks For Your Site

When it comes to getting good rankings, or even semi-good rankings, in the search engines one of the most underutilized strategies is that of getting backlinks to your site or blog. The sad thing about that is, getting links to your site is perhaps one of the most important things that you can do to raise your position in the search engines and to benefit from the traffic that will provide.
It’s long been known that getting these backlinks, particularly those of only a one way variety, is the key to many people’s success in the search engines and there are very good reasons it is.
The backlinks to your site, for one, tell the search engines …

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How to get more GOOGLE Traffic for FREE

Traffic is one of the most important part of internet marketing and without traffic or visitors to your site, all your efforts will be useless. You won’t be able to sell anything or promote your services. There are a couple of ways to drive traffic to your site.
The first one is to gain good backlinks. This means to get other sites to link to yours. One way links are the best one compared to two way links. The more backlinks the better. This will help you optimize your site to get the search engines to index it. Once your site has been indexed on the search engines you won’t have problems driving traffic to your …

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