Squidoo Vs. HubPages – Which is More Effective For Getting Traffic?

Both Squidoo and HubPages are both very popular web 2.0 ( or maybe now I should say web 3.0 ) sites. Squidoo has been extremely popular, while HubPages is now up-and-coming. Squidoo was created by Internet Marketing „guru“ Seth Godin, while HubPages was created by 3 lesser known guys; Paul Edmonson, Paul Deeds and Jay Reitz. All things considered, both of the sites are incredibly good for getting traffic. And if done properly, can be an Internet Marketer’s dream.

Page Rank

First off, if you don’t understand what „page rank“ is, it is simply Google’s view of the importance of a website. It is ranked on a scale from 1 to 10. Any site with a 4 or better, in general, has a very good ranking. But where do Squidoo and HubPages rank?

Well, Squidoo ranks at a 7, which is extremely high. HubPages, on the other hand, only ranks at a 5. But still, this is very good. And as time progresses, HubPages will gain more exposure and move themselves up higher in the rankings.

Ease of Use and Ability to Create Pages

Both Squidoo and HubPages are extremely easy to use, and can be used to create „simple“ websites for the average user. Most people find it difficult to create a webpage. Either they don’t have the tools to do it, don’t know how, or both. Squidoo AND HubPages make it very simple to create a „mini-site“ that can be used to „monetize“ one’s business.

Squidoo uses „modules“ and HubPages uses „capsules“. Both are extremely easy to use, but Squidoo allows you to use HTML, and HubPages does not. Squidoo also gives you the option of using 9 hyper-text links ( or call-to-action links ), HubPages will not allow you to have more than „2“ links to any one domain. HubPages does not want SPAM articles, and Squidoo has been much more lenient. Because of this, Squidoo has made a lot more changes that could clearly give HubPages an advantage, in my opinion.

Allowable Topics

Through it’s time, Squidoo has been very „easy“ on it’s users, therefore collecting a lot of SPAM in the process. This has led them to make their guidelines even more stringent. But have they gone overboard? They now have now eliminated many of the topics that they once have allowed.

Make money, gambling, relationship/dating, lose weight, and adult are some of the industries that Squidoo is now banning. Many people that worked very hard in building lenses around these „niches“ will now have them removed by the administrators. This brings good news for HubPages. As of yet, they only have restricted promoting the adult and gambling industries.

So to answer the question „Squidoo vs. HubPages, which is better for getting traffic?“ the answer is clearly Squidoo due to it’s popularity, and Google’s view of the site. But with your „niche“ being restricted, what good will traffic do for you anyway? HubPages, in this case, may be the reliever. Either way, both sites are excellent.

If you follow their rules and guidelines, properly SEO your lens or hub, and keep writing content, you will be sure to get great amounts of FREE traffic. Do not underestimate the „value“ that either one can bring to help „monetize“ your business.

And in reality, it doesn’t really matter which site gets you more traffic. They both can be very effective at driving relevant traffic, as long as you properly SEO them. SEO stands for „Search Engine Optimization“ and is very effective when done correctly. One of the best guides I’ve ever read on Squidoo and HubPages optimization, and getting your hub/lens ranked #1 on Google is One Week Marketing. For more information, you can visit the website here: http://www.squidoo-optimization.info

About the Author

Jeffrey Dietsche is an Internet Network Marketer who specializes in social media, affiliate and network marketing.