Some Keys to Get Good Backlinks For Your Site

When it comes to getting good rankings, or even semi-good rankings, in the search engines one of the most underutilized strategies is that of getting backlinks to your site or blog. The sad thing about that is, getting links to your site is perhaps one of the most important things that you can do to raise your position in the search engines and to benefit from the traffic that will provide.

It’s long been known that getting these backlinks, particularly those of only a one way variety, is the key to many people’s success in the search engines and there are very good reasons it is.

The backlinks to your site, for one, tell the search engines how popular your site is. The more sites linking to you, the more popular you are. It’s almost like the cliques in high school.

The next thing is that search engines look at when it comes to backlinks is what types of sites are linking to you. If you’re pounding away links on sites that are of low quality, filled with spam and spammed with links you’ll still get credit for a link back to your site but that value of that link will be degraded. So, these links not only tell search engines how popular your site or blog is but they also tell search engines about your quality.

Search engines will also gauge how relevant your site is based on how the links to your site are actually linking to you. Are they linking to you of their own accord, without a reciprocal link? Are they linking to you with a few other links, like a blogroll? Or, are they linking to you within the context of the content on their page?

If they’re linking to you without a reciprocal, it stands to reason your site is fairly relevant to the content on your page. If they’re linking to you contextually, within the text on their page that isn’t filled with spam and without a reciprocal link – then in the eyes of the search engines it’s quite likely that the anchor text being used to link to your site is extremely relevant.

Remember, when you’re out on the search to get backlinks to your site, try to take into account how and where that link to your site is being placed and you’ll be doing your SEO a great service.

About the Author

Getting BackLinks to your web site or blog is one of the most important aspects of building a presence in the search engines. In fact, some would say it’s the most important aspect of getting good search engine listings. Visit Get BackLinks to learn about more ways to build up quality links to your site.