SEO: How to get your article’s listed higher

1. One of The first steps in how to get your article’s listed higher is You should always have your title as the key phrase,that means if your key phrase was „Car Buying“ the title of your article would be“Car Buying-5 secrets to know when car buying.

2. You should always use the key phrase when starting your articles,this means that one of the first things Google’s Spiders will read will be your key phrase. This will get your article“s listed higher and much faster.

3. Mention your key phrase 2-3 times per paragraph.But make sure you don’t over do it or it may be considered“word stuffing or even „spam.It will depend on the size of your paragraphs.

4. In your author’s bio box mention the phrase again and make sure you put an anchore link for your key phrase.

Use these 4 steps and you will see and know how to get your article’s listed higher. This is very popular and used in „Bum Marketing“ which seems to be what alot of people who are wrtting article’s are doing.

Once you get the formula down on how to do this it can and will work very well and can also get you targeted readers to your blog or site,which if you are an affiliate marketer that will mean more money from sells to more focused people and this is free also, so learn this easy method on how to get your article’s listed higher.

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