SEO Elite – Search Engine Optimization Revolution or Waste of Money?

By: Charles Essmeier

The Internet used to be a small community with thousands, rather than millions of sites devoted to products and information. Ten years ago, all it took to have a successful Internet business was to have a presence. If you were there, you could be successful. Those days are gone, and the competition is now fierce with companies struggling to be found when people use the search engines to find them. A new science has been created to help with this dilemma – search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization, sometimes known as SEO, is the science of creating a Website in such a way that the major search engines, such as Google, or MSN, see it and „think“ that your site is more about a particular topic than the sites run by your competitors. If your site is about widgets, you want to design your site in such a way that when someone types „widgets“ into a search engine, your site comes up first. This is known as relevance, and search engine optimization specialists charge thousands of dollars to consult with Website owners to help them create „relevant“ sites that the search engines will like.

Not surprisingly, software products have been developed that claim to help with the search engine optimization process with a lot more ease and a lot less money than the consultants charge. One of the most heavily promoted of these products is SEO Elite. This is a software program that claims to do a lot of things quickly and easily that will help you get a higher ranking in the search engines and, as a byproduct, get a lot more traffic to your site.

An important measure of a site’s importance is the number of other sites that link to it. The more links, the more important the search engines think a site may be. Provided, that is, that the links are quality links. SEO Elite claims that it can find hundreds of quality link partners to your site in mere minutes, and that it has an easy to use interface that can allow most anyone to learn to use it in no time. Furthermore, SEO Elite says that it can actually let you see how your high ranking competitors have designed their sites so that you can copy their model and move up the search engine listings the same way they did.

Can SEO Elite do all of that? Yes, it can do all of that and more. Plus, it’s easy to use. You don’t have to be a „computer geek“ to use it. The instructions are easy to understand and the product is easy to use. You actually can find other sites that are suitable link partners in minutes, and you can easily contact them using the software. Once you are done, you can use the program to see if these sites are still linking to you and you can monitor your progress as you make changes to your site and as it climbs up the search engine ladder.

There is no magic solution that will provide thousands of quality visitors to a Website with an hour or two of work. Those sorts of claim are pure bunk. Like any other project, search engine optimization requires some time and effort. But SEO Elite goes a long way towards relieving you of the effort and time involved in building a highly ranked site. It’s a good product, and well worth the expense.

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