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Seo blogging software was usually hard to find and not much to write home about. That has all changed with the release of the easy seo blogging software known as Firepow.

There are a number of ways that this innovative blogging software helps with search engine optimization or SEO.

Firstly, there are customized themes already in the program that have been specifically formatted to help with your rankings in the search engines.

Secondly, you don’t actually need to know any html or how to create a website as you can install a blog with just a few mouse clicks.

Thirdly, it is the ultimate traffic tool. It will help you to automatically build links to your site, drive targetted traffic to your blogs, plus enhance your link building with the powerful all inclusive blog network within this seo blogging software.

Fourthly, there are over 40 plugins installed in this program – many of them exclusive to FP that will also help with your ranking efforts.

Fifthly, you can easily add news and other people’s rss feeds to your blog and you can optimize every blog post with targetted keywords. This is another feature to improve the quality and diversity of your content.

Six is the ability to create viral content on your site. We all know video content is a valuable asset. This plugin makes your video content creation AUTOMATIC.

You know the plugin Related Posts, that brings up a bunch of posts from your blog that are related to the post being read and displays them under that post?

Related videos works the same:

1. You choose to activate related videos for the post you are writing.

2. Related Videos scans the text of your post, and finds related videos on the web related to your post.

3. It displays thumbnails of those videos under your post AND…

4. It creates a page on your site, with that video from the internet ALREADY embedded! So…

5. The user clicks through to the video, watches it there on your site, AND if he loves it and wants to share the URL… he looks to the address bar and guess what he of course sees… YOUR URL!

6. Finally, the videos that the plugin pulls aren’t just the most relevant to your content, they’re the most relevant AND the highest rated and most viewed!

This allows you insert RSS feeds onto your blog so each update to a feed is converted into a post, and you get fresh content every time someone ELSE updates their site.

You can also get instant backlinks with the powerful RSS submission tool. This is the first of the Firepow Promotional Tools. It has a very simple function.

You click a button. Yes ONE button…

And the software submits your websites RSS feed to almost 20 RSS Feed Directories.

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