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Google has dominated the search engines for over a decade now and there is no indication that it is slowing down. Its advertising revenue in 2008, for example, significantly exceeded its 2007 earnings. Online searchers using the Google portal in 2008 initiated billions of searches – impressive numbers.

Tazoodle is a new generation of search engine set to compete with Google. Created by Steve Duval and his advisory board, Tazoodle is set to wage war with all the top search engines. What makes the new search engine a worthy competitor is the fact that it offers a unique business model – sharing its revenue with both advertisers and search engine users.

Although still in pre-launch phase, Tazoodle is attracting potential advertisers and users. Already (July 2009) it has more than 6000 registered users on its database.

Advertising is relatively cheap for webmasters, with a website’s view or click costing just $1. When the advertiser’s site is displayed, Tazoodle shares the gained income with advertisers and viewers. This revenue sharing option enables advertisers to recoup their advertising costs.

Certain pre-launch advertising incentives are on offer, including: on a minimum advertising purchase of $100 your account will earn website display credits each day equal to 1% of the purchase amount until Tazoodle launches. There is an incentive for referring other advertisers where an amount equal to 200% of the purchase amount will be credited to your account. Other incentives can be viewed on their site.

This search engine compiles and indexes millions of pages of information from public and private websites and delivers the organic information to a search results page. Webmasters having access to the low cost advertising medium get the possibility of massive exposure.

Tazoodle, then, has tremendous potential and could well become an innovative trend in Internet search engines.

Steve Duval does an online presentation. After the presentation, a business plan and pre-launch advertising purchase agreement will be sent to you for consideration. For more information, visit:

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