Revealing Two Killer SEO Myths

If you don’t want to destroy your Internet business and your opportunity for success, please listen up. Each day I visit webmaster boards, blogs and sites. And I see so much wrong information. It’s sad that so many people, perhaps even you, are being misled and will ultimately lose a lot of time, money and opportunity.

In this SEO-based article, I will bust open two search engine optimization myths that are deadly. These revelations will help you no matter what you’re doing online: running affiliate programs, personal Web site, Adsense site, company blog, whatever.

Danger 1: Thinking Google’s Pagerank means „strength“ in rankings

Many sites preach that PR of a site is a main factor for how a site ranks. This is incorrect.

I’ve seen so many high PR sites getting outranked by PR1’s and 0’s, it’s funny. This is a myth because when you’re ranking, you’re going up against pages. It’s very possible that a page’s PR was gained through pass down from the homepage. If that page has almost no valuable links to it, the page is essentially fodder and your spot for the taking.

Danger 2: Competing pages isn’t your „guaranteed“ success

Just because a keyword phrase has a low number of competing pages, that doesn’t mean you can rank well for them. Remember, your goal is page one.

I’ve seen extremely low competition KWPs that had page one results you’d scream in fear over.

Just remember, finding these low competition keyword phrases is the first step. From there, you must examine the first 10-20 listings for actual strength.

I’ll return soon at this site with more truths that will help you excel with your online business. Good luck!

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