Psychology of the Search

The Psychology of the Search – Google and Search Engine scientists and SEO professionals spend a lot of time pondering this. After all when we cut through all the marketing techniques and link building – the bottom line is that the search engines need to deliver the information that the searchers want. If achieving a High ranking in Google could be summarized it would be simply deliver the best results for the inquiry. Herein lies the dilemma with one of the primary factors that defines the importance of a web page – back links into that page.

Take an example of a hugely informative but badly optimized page of information written by a subject expert and compare with a page of processed, copied information delivered by an SEO professional

Which one do you want to read?

Probably the first, but which one will rank highly in the search engines – almost certainly the SEO page – a fundamental problem. Often if the content is good enough this situation will reverse with natural interests and links gradually overtaking the SEOs more artificial efforts – but many, many excellent sites exist in obscurity compared with a professional SEOs three page optimized site with hundreds of specially created links.

Of course life is not fair but the lesson to be learned is that the vast resources of Google and the other search engines are focussed on removing the artificial relevance of SEO to the Organic search engine results. We should remember this always in our optimization work. If Google changes the rules – pages will simply drop into obscurity over night – which can be traumatic if a business is involved. Improving content may not bring the fast results of an aggressive link-building campaign but they may well be longer lasting.

It is difficult for SEO professionals to sell this concept – bringing quick results will result in higher sales, recommendations and plaudits from your customers. When the dust settles it may bring disaster – an artificial boost in sales if not maintained can be disastrous to a business. Think carefully and try and judge the integrity and business skills of any company you hire to do promote your web site!

Having thousands of links from high ranking websites may be an important factor now but the more we contrive to obtain these artificially, the less Google et al will focus on them. What factors will the search engines look for in the future – only they know for sure. What we can be certain of is that the overriding goal will be to bring the pages with the most relevance to the search criteria entered. This should be the true goal of the SEO professional not simply traffic generation.

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