Profitable Social Bookmarking – 7 Proven Ways to Excel in Social Bookmarking

One of the easiest ways to earn money through the Internet is through social bookmarking. Not only is this a very popular way to make new friends, but it is also a very efficient way to gain new customers and clients. How do you start with social networking? First, you need to find one to your liking. From there, you have to sign up, meet new people and add away! Pretty soon, you will find more traffic directed to your site than ever before. To get you started with social bookmarking, here are seven proven ways to excel in social bookmarking:

1. Think about the design of your homepage. Make it very attractive and avoid putting too many flashing texts and graphics, as these tend to turn off lookers and prospective clients.

2. Make sure you add a substantial amount of information about yourself. Remember that people need to find you interesting enough to actually add you or approve your friend request. Include some information about your business as well.

3. Maximize the media tools found on your page. Add audio clips and videos that tell more about your business. These are things that your contact will find very interesting.

4. Use the search function to find people who have similar interests (or people who have an interest in your business as well) and add them away. This is a great time saver!

5. Add external links that will direct your contacts and other people to your business or company website.

6. Utilize the discussion forums or bulletins by posting announcements about the latest information about your products and services.

7. And lastly, keep communication lines within your Internet social circles active. Let them know that you are ready and willing to share with them your knowledge and expertise about your business.

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