Linkbuilding: Seven Things to Avoid When Looking For Link Partners

Designing a Reciprocal Link Campaign can be a tricky endeavor. As a webmaster, you must choose your linking partners wisely. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself one question: „Will this be a valuable resource to my readers?“ If you view it as a legitimate, valuable website, chances are Google will too.
Below you will find 7 tips for avoiding the major pitfalls new web developers often encounter.
1.) Do not link to sites that are irrelevant to yours. Search engines only view relevant reciprocal links as a means of improving your Page Ranking.
2.) Avoid sites that have a „Links Page“ that is hard to find. Some sites don’t even connect their home page …

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The Simple Truth About Building One Way Links

One Way Link Building Plan Using RSS Feeds to Build Link Popularity
A really successful way to build your link popularity is through the use of your blogs RSS feed capability. Real Simple Syndication better know by its acronym of RSS is an effective way to syndicate content all over the web through RSS feeds. It is fairly easy to build RSS feeds into your website that have links to your web pages.
The more times your RSS feed shows up on other sites the more links there will be to your site. Each of these links is like a tiny endorsement for your site and adds points to your link popularity. The good thing now a …

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How Professional Bloggers Get Rich

Thousands of savvy people enjoy a well paid career as a professional blogger. Some blog full-time, some part-time. Some blog as a hobby. Yet one thing most bloggers have in common in that they incorporate sponsored google AdSense ads or affiliate ads within their blog as a way to generate income.
The most common desire among all bloggers is to achieve the highest affiliate revenue they can. Everyone has an opinion on this matter, and I have one too. The difference between opinions in this regard is some opinions are backed with hefty revenue checks each month, while other opinions are based on frustration from less fruitful efforts.
Lets examine the difference between a successful blogger and …

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Getting Ranked Better on Google without Adwords

What if you could get ranked well on Google without Google Adwords, PPC, and being able to actually make a livable income without going getting involved in pyramid schemes, filling out surveys or other get paid to schemes, and even without your own email list?
Internet gurus do have thousands of dollars to spend on Adwords. The gurus can broker lists and use their JV partners to make deals. Most of us don’t have JV deals like that. What is the average internet marketer to do? How can you make a steady income online if you’re not a guru? You are just as capable as they are after all. Here’s how.
1. Narrow your niche focus
The money …

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There Is No Such Thing as a Duplicate Content Penalty

First, I want you to understand that I am NOT giving you license to steal other people’s content. There ARE repercussions to using duplicate content, but it is not a penalty per se.
There continues to be a lot of misinformation surrounding the so-called „Duplicate Content“ penalty. I actually have one client who was extremely reluctant to start repurposing his articles and distributing them on article directory sites because he was concerned about getting hit with the duplicate content penalty.
There is a myth floating around – and it has been for some time – that if a webmaster publishes the same content on his site that appears on another site (for instance, by publishing an article …

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Secrets Behind Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has become a given in search marketing optimization. Whenever you have a new blog or web content, and you want the search engines to quickly index, it is advisable to bookmark your blog with the social bookmarking sites. In most of the times, your web content would be quickly indexed.
What is happening behind the scene? Search engines like Google,Yahoo, Bing are looking for newer content. Search engines look for newer content at all places. Social bookmarking sites are magnets because they are supposed to have original content.
When you want to remember something, you would create an association. When you want to remember a webpage or website, you would place it in your favorites …

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Get High Page Ranking in Google with the use of Website Title Tags Today!

There’s a lot of time that website designers and business owners are engaged to do same mistake all over and over again. That mistake is having their each title page named as „about us“ or „home“. How can they finally realize that having their website title page named as „about us“ is not more likely to be indexed by search engines like yahoo and Google?
Naming your website as „Home“ is a worst move when you’re promoting a specific product online. Because, to be more indexed by search engines, your title page must be distinguish by them, but how can make it happen if your website is one of those website having the same title page …

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SEO Services And Prices

You would not be wrong if you thought that terms like Web Design Integration and Search Engine Optimisation would bore many people to death. However, to some people it really is and enjoyable challenge. However, let us peruse this subject a little deeper; there are initially many things that will need your attention and examination.
If you own a website and have already found a good source of SEO services, then you should consider yourself lucky. There are many individuals who claim and say that they are really good at it, but in realty this often proves otherwise and so the wise among us have already understood that is far better to pay money for qualitative …

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