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Backlinks are incoming links that lead to a web page or web site. If you were to ask knowledgeable webmasters what activities they consider to be most important in promoting their web site, many of them would surely point to activities design to increase the number of backlinks to their web sites.

There is a simple reason for this. One of the factors that search engines consider when ordering item in search results, is the number of backlinks to each site. Generally speaking, and if all other things are equal, a site with more backlinks will tend to be ranked more highly than one with few backlinks. Ranking in search engines is of course important, because higher ranked sites tend to get more visitors.

There are many different things that you can do to get backlinks. Here a three of the best ideas to get you started:

1. Submit to Internet directories – There are hundreds of Internet directories, many of which accept free submissions. Submitting to as many as possible is an easy way to build up lots of backlinks. Obviously, submitting manually to hundreds of directories is incredibly time consuming, so you may want to consider using directory submission software to facilitate the process.

2. Write and submit articles – You can write your own original article, and submit them to article directories. Each article can contain a backlink to your site in the resource box, and potentially can be submitted to hundreds of different article directories. As with Internet directories, manual submission to hundreds of article directories is probably not practical, so you should consider automated options – article submission software could be the answer.

3. Swap links with other sites. Yes, managing link exchanges can tedious and time consuming, but, once again, you can remove much of the pain by automating. Look at programs like OutRankSmart, SEO Elite or SEO Equalizer.

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