Increase Search Engine Ranking To #1 On Google Guaranteed

If you own a website and want free search engine traffic, then it’s imperative that you increase search engine ranking to get to Google’s first page – nothing less will do.

You can get free traffic by doing other promotion such as blogging, article marketing, social marketing etc., but that all takes consistent, daily promotional activities on your behalf. On the other hand, if you get onto the first page of Google then you will reap the benefits of thousands of visitors per month buy doing absolutely nothing because you have already put in the hard work to get you into that position from the start.

So, how can you increase search engine ranking for your web pages? Well there are two factors when it comes to building a site to get into the search engines.

#1 On-Page Factors

The on-page factors need to be taken into consideration when building and writing your web pages. You must know which keyword phrase you want that page to get onto the first page of Google for.

When carrying out your keyword research make sure you explore the demand and supply for that particular keyword. You need to know that you have a sufficient amount of people typing that keyword phrase into the search engines and you need to know if there is low enough supply so you know you’ll have a good chance to rank highly for that keyword phrase.

Once you are happy with your choice then you’ll use this keyword phrase to do the following:

1. Put the keyword phrase in the <title> tag, and in the <description> and <keywords> meta-tags in the coding section of your web page. 2. Then you’ll want to include this keyword about 3-4 times in the body text of your article. 3. For added measure, I also like to put the phrase in an <alt> tag in an image and as anchor text link on the page too.

#2 Off-Page Factors

Now that we’ve done the on-page factors, we’ll want to carry out the off-page factors. This part is the most time-consuming and takes a few weeks, but its essential to increase search engine ranking until you land on page one.

Basically it all boils down to back-links. Your aim is to get as many links pointing back to your web page with your chosen keyword phrase. You can do this a few ways:

1. Request reciprocal links with other webmasters 2. Write & distribute articles to article directories (10+ articles) 3. Write short teaser snippets with your anchor link included and post to some micro-blogs 4. Leave helpful comments on related blogs 5. Write article pages on sites such as Hub Pages and Squidoo

Persistently do the above until you have reached the number one page on Google. Only when you have conquered that spot you can slack off a bit with the link building but keep promoting that particular keyword phrase / web page every other week or so, by writing and distributing an article for example. This is just to make sure you stay on the first page for months and years to come.

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