How to make your Adult Affiliate site an SEO monster

So you’ve built a Porn Site. You’re sitting there feverishly refreshing cpanel on your web host watching the stats. There are no punters!!


You’ve got great content, you’ve got a winning design, you chose a killer niche that you KNOW converts like crazy.

The answer: SEO.

Let’s talk about search…

While Porn Sites are bandied about as being an easy way to make money online, they pose unique challenges on the SEO front. Being an Adult web master CAN pay the bills, I promise you, but achieving good search engine rankings is a monumental challenge. As a new site out there on the web you will be a gem afloat in a turbulent sea of crap. Just so you know – punters like gems, they keep coming back to them. They click on ads.

Google reportedly puts a cap on the number of page rankings available in their listings for adult web sites – that’s the first pot hole on the road to your dreams of that #1 rank. More to the point, many key terms in the adult niche are fiercely competitive, making it difficult to achieve relatively good rankings. This isn’t so much a problem if you’ve chosen a small niche with a dedicated following of consumers.

Here’s an experiment for you: open up a browser, go to google and type in a bunch of keywords for a sexual kink you don’t think many people will be into. How many results do you see? No matter what you can think of, there’s a market for it.

Another big challenge posed by the task of getting your Adult site ranking is the fact that it probably doesn’t contain much text. Content is king on the web and adult websites are certainly lacking in this regard – well, unless your idea of content is smutty photos. Despite the fact that the text on adult websites is minimal, it’s important that what little there is has been written with Search Engine Optimization in mind. Many web masters new to the online Adult Entertainment Industry don’t realize just how important this is. Optimizing images on adult websites is also essential – you want your images to show up in Google and Yahoo image search, you’ll gain huge amounts of quality, converting traffic this way.


Building back links, another important SEO consideration, can be a tough task for new comers in the online world of porn. Newbies generally get the best results by building links through networking with other affiliate sites or forging link exchange partnerships. While this might sound obvious, there are many Adult Industry web masters who don’t seem to have a clue about what makes a site rank. It’s smart to take precautions when exchanging links in certain Adult web ghettos simply because some are very unscrupulous and could cause your site to be banned from search engine listings altogether.

For a more in depth look at Link Exchanges check out my previous article entitled Leveraging Link Exchanges.

Let’s look at an example. Joe Blogs starts a porn site aimed at selling subscriptions to fans of chicks with dicks. He’s got everything he needs in place – now he just needs traffic. How does Joe achieve this most insidious of accolades?

Joe joins a link exchange. Also, Joe partners with unscrupulous sites that don’t provide warnings for underage viewers. Those sort of sites get blacklisted in certain markets (for example, the US). Because Joe was a dirty little link whore and didn’t quality control his partner sites he also gets blacklisted for driving traffic to them. Joe Blogs and his dreams of early retirement through the ladyboy smut market are shattered. Joe dies old, miserable and alone.

Okay, this that’s a pretty extreme example but you get the point.

Web masters of big Adult websites rarely post reciprocal links. So if you want to get on that side bar module you need to ensure the quality, appropriateness and ranking of your web property. Most importantly, web masters who do post reciprocal links often use no index meta-tags so the pages with outbound links get excluded from indexing by search engine bots. BOM BOM!

Blackhat SEO techniques are a common game for webmasters in the adult industry but if you want to maintain long-term results, your best bet is to keep it ethical. In addition to avoiding unscrupulous SEO methods, it’s also important to ensure that you stick with legal subject matter. Some adult websites such as those of the „barely legal“ variety are trailing on the borderline of unlawful, making them a risky venture in SEO and beyond.

Thorough research and networking are keys to success in SEO for adult websites. You have to know your game but you also have to know other people in your niche. The competition is fierce in the adult industry but with the right amount of dedication and effort, ranking for competitive adult key words is possible.

What are you waiting for? Take this new found knowledge and get your site ranking on that mythical first results page.

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About the Author

Michael is an Adult Entertainment Industry insider with over ten years of experience working both behind the camera and on the World Wide Web. He now resides in the United States and makes a living running a network of Adult Affiliate sites with content from all niches and genres within the Adult Entertainment Industry.