How To Get Your Website Ranked In The Search Engines Title

If you’re trying to make money on the internet, the best thing you can do is get your website ranked on the first page of search results forthe major search engines .


Because, ranking on the first page of results gives you the opportunity to get quality traffic to your money-making offer, without costing you any money!

This means that any sales you make off of a free website ranking is pure, 100% profit!!!

But then that begs the question: How do you do it?

After all, search engines are confusing! They’re
always changing, and they rely on super-high-tech
algorithms that are top secret to rank websites.

Right? Right?

Well… sort of. Yes, search engines are always
changing, and they are run by top secret mathematical
equations that try and deliver the most relevant
results to their searchers.

However – search engines are NOT complicated.

Quite the contrary, they are very, very simple to
understand… IF you know how they work.

And if you know how they work, you’ll be able to
get any website of yours ranked in the top 10
results of any search engine you want!

(And that is when the money comes rolling in!)

Okay, so what do you need to know about the search
engines? Well, you have to learn what I call the
„Secret Sauce“ of search engine domination.

The Secret Sauce is composed of a number of different
factors the search engines look at to determine how
relevant your website is for a particular keyword.

Some of these factors are:

Page Title
File Name
Contextual Links

There are more factors that go into the secret sauce, but these are the easiest to understand.

First is the page title. If you do a search in Google,
and look at the results, the title of the page is the
first big, blue hyperlink you’ll see.

Search engines believe that if a keyword is in the
title of the webpage, then that webpage must be relevant
to the search query. So they will rank those pages
higher than pages that don’t have the keyword in the
page title.

Next, look at the file name. This is the name of the
actual HTML file of the webpage. For instance, most
homepages have the file name „index.html“. But if you
name your file after the keyword you want to rank for,
then the search engines will believe it to be more

So if you’re looking to rank for the keyword „flowers“,
you’d want to name your webpage flowers.html.

Having your keyword in the actual file name of your
page will signal to the search engines that your
page is probably relevant to that keyword.

Finally, there are contextual links. There are
hyperlinks within the content of your website
that allow search engines to crawl through your entire website.

When you know how to link to your own pages, using relevant keyword text in the links, the search
engines will determine that the page you are linking to are relevant to the keywords in the links.

So if you link to your flowers page from your homepage using the keyword „Flowers“, that will help the search
engines determine the relevancy of that page to that link.

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Hi , If you’re anything like me, search engines confuse the HECK out of you.

If it worked for me, I’m sure it’ll work for you. Honestly, now, the search engines don’t seem so complicated anymore!

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