How to Create a High Conversion Squeeze Page for Building Your Opt-in List

By: Bryan Doyle
Want to build a huge opt-in list to leverage your Internet marketing efforts but don’t know where to start?

The effectiveness in which you build your list will depend on the landing page that receives your traffic. The most effective kind of web page you could promote that will build your list the fastest is a squeeze page.

A Squeeze page is not merely a web page that provides a capture form. A squeeze page’s primary purpose is to capture the information of website visitors, mainly their name and email address.

The squeeze page is created to draw the focus and attention of the visitor to applying action to one thing, opt in to your list for more information. Once they are on your list you will have the ability to follow up with them on a later date and multiple times.

Some true squeeze pages have been known to have conversion rates of 30-60% and some even higher. The conversion rates mentioned here are the percentages of visitors that choose to opt-in to a mailing list by filling in the form fields available.

Now that we have clarified what a squeeze page is and its purpose, we can now go on to what factors are necessary for creating a high conversion squeeze page for building a list of subscribers.

The heading is the most important for it is the first contact point with your website’s visitors. This is where you must captivate them with an attention grabbing headline which will compel them to continue reading your text. Your headline must be clear of what you are presenting and your copy must connect with your visitors on an emotional level.

Benefit driven words are needed in your heading because your prospect will want to know how they are going to benefit. In other words, they want to know, what’s in it for them? Your Web site visitors will only continue to read on if they feel that you are offering something that can help them in some way or give them something they want.

The body text is also very important because this is where you compel your web site visitors to opt-in for more information. It is crucial to reveal to them how the product or service you offer can satisfy a need and desire such as help them loose weight, make more money or become more successful.

Your squeeze page is not going to be lengthy so you’ll want to focus on the top three to five things your market is hungry for and present to them the answer or solution that will satisfy their hunger.

For your text, all you need is a small paragraph or a few bullets that will stimulate enough interest and desire for what you are offering them. If they feel they can benefit in any way they will want to know more information and will subscribe to your list to get it.

Some of the most successful capture pages are not long and wordy but are small enough that the whole web page can fit inside of the browser window. This has been more effective for many marketers for the purpose of capturing people’s information quickly and effectively.

A squeeze page should limit the number of choices your prospective customer or subscriber can make. Not all capture pages need to do this but for the purpose of ensuring that your visitors first opt in, the squeeze page should stay close to the format mentioned above. This will give your potential subscribers two simple choices and reduce confusion and help prevent them from changing their mind.

One option that your visitor has is to opt-in and the other is to leave your website. If your copy is compelling and your message is clear, many of your visitors will choose to opt-in to your list instead of leaving your website.

One component of your site that can greatly effect your conversion rate is the words you have appear on your submit button. Instead of using the word submit or subscribe, you’ll find your conversion rate will rise if you use an action phrase that will express how your visitors will benefit if they click on the button.

You want to compel your visitors to click on the submit button and using words like subscribe or submit can turn people off.

Use an action phrase that is written in their point of view to persuade them on a personal level such as „Send my Free report ‚loose 30 pounds in 30 days!'“ or „Free instant access now!“ and so on. This is a valuable element to test and you will not want to overlook it. I would also suggest to observe what other marketers are using on their submit buttons to help you come up with your own ideas.

Now that you know how to create a high conversion squeeze page, make sure you implement these methods and do your own tests with fonts and colors used. That being said, make sure that basic web design principles are followed and that the web page is attractive to your eyes.

If you find your eyes are not following the text naturally or squint while reading, you may have to make some adjustments to your web page. Dark text on a light background is a good rule to start with without getting into too many details for the purpose of this article.

Most importantly, if you put to action the advice you received from this article, and actively promote your squeeze page, you will see an incredible increase in the number of opt-ins you receive to your list.

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