How Some Marketers Can Rank #1 in Google in 48 Hours Or Less!

You’re not going to believe how easy this is the first you get a #1 ranking for Google in less than 48 hours. And then you will be pleasantly surprised when you go back and see months later that you still have those great rankings. I say this just so you know that what I am about to teach you isn’t just some fly-by-night trick that will temporarily get you decent search engine rankings. Nope, this is the real thing! And really great thing with this technique is that you can easily dominate keyword phrases that aren’t even for your own products!

The first time I followed this technique for somebody else’s product I was definitely shocked. You see, I did it for a keyword phrase where I wanted people to find my website instead of my competition. Well, it worked once, and now I „steal“ traffic from my competition all the time by following this one tip. Hey, business is business right? If your competition isn’t going to optimize for their keyword phrases, then I think you deserve to go ahead and snatch their own business from them!

O.K., so you want to know exactly how you can start getting #1 search engine rankings for various keyword phrases across the web. Well, surprisingly you can do this through a concept that you have already heard of, that being video marketing. But it’s what you do with your video marketing that counts. You see, people that simply do what we call a „video blitz“ can find their videos on the top of the search engines even faster.

Here’s how this video blitz works: First, you pick a keyword phrase that you want to dominate. Now, when picking your keyword phrase, you want to make sure that you pick a phrase that isn’t to competitive. For example: This technique would never work for a phrase such as „internet marketing.“ But it may work for a less competitive phrase like „internet marketing for beginners.“ You will just need to do a little bit of research to discover a bunch of the „less competitive“ keyword phrases that are out there so that you can easily dominate them.

After you have your keyword phrase in which you would like to dominate, you then need to just maybe create a couple of short videos discussing that topic. Title the video so that you use your target keyword phrase along with similar keyword phrases. Also, make sure that your tags have your target keyword phrase in them along with those other similar keyword phrases that you have discovered. Once you have your video, with the keyword rich title, and your tags, then it is time to start the „video blitz.“

The video blitz is actually really easy to do. There is software available that will allow you to easily upload your videos to multiple sites at once.