How Professional Bloggers Get Rich

Thousands of savvy people enjoy a well paid career as a professional blogger. Some blog full-time, some part-time. Some blog as a hobby. Yet one thing most bloggers have in common in that they incorporate sponsored google AdSense ads or affiliate ads within their blog as a way to generate income.

The most common desire among all bloggers is to achieve the highest affiliate revenue they can. Everyone has an opinion on this matter, and I have one too. The difference between opinions in this regard is some opinions are backed with hefty revenue checks each month, while other opinions are based on frustration from less fruitful efforts.

Lets examine the difference between a successful blogger and a struggling blogger. The truth hurts but it’s still the truth, so sit back, take a deep breath, and prepare yourself for some tough love.

1. A successful blogger creates unique content.

2. A successful blogger uses upgraded wordpress themes.

3. A successful blogger generates at least 5-10 article post daily.

4. A successful blogger utilizes genre specific topics.

5. A successful blogger is careful to link exchange up, not down with lower ranked blogs.

6. A successful blogger interacts with their commenters.

7. A successful blogger provides accurate and informative information in their articles.

8. A successful blogger does not produce divisive content.

9. A successful blogger utilizes affiliate ads that are complimentary of the article.

10. A successful blogger utilizes Facebook, Twitter, and Digg to promote individual article exposure.

Now, lets examine the criteria of the average blogger who is struggling:

1. A struggling blogger utilizes copied content obtained either by infringement or article directories.

2. A struggling blogger utilizes obsolete wordpress themes that are not upgraded or upgradable.

3. A struggling blogger does not consistantly create new article posts on a daily or weekly basis.

4. A struggling blogger does not stick to a specific topic genre.

5. A struggling blogger link exchanges with any website regardless of the keyword or topic relevance.

6. A struggling blogger does not interact with their audience via the comments section.

7. A struggling blogger does not provide useful or informative information in their articles.

8. A struggling blogger provides divisive content which causes loss of repeat visits.

9. A struggling blogger does not utilize topic specific affiliate ads within each article.

10. A struggling blogger does not utilize social networking to promote individual articles for exposure.

Successful blogging can be easier than breathing air if proper procedure and methodology is applied. Every blogger has dreamed of the $100,000 Google AdSense monthly income like the blogging guru – ShoeMoney(TM) has received consistently in his career. Not everyone can or will ever obtain that blogging income level. Frankly, 70% of blogger earn less than $30 per day via Google AdSense. 3% earn over $1000 per day.

Jonathan Hawfield of Texas Matrix states ‚It is important to realize that there is an applied science to becoming a successful blogger.‘ Hopefully this article will raise your interest and assist you in making some positive and proactive choices that will increase your blogging revenue exponentially.

— Jonathan Hawfield

Jonathan Hawfield is a CyberSecurity consultant for Texas Matrix. Visit for informative articles directed at and made available to Internet Professionals.