Heard About Keywords? They Make Your Site Rich!

Today I’m going to tell something I have learned from my recent experience with online earning. If you ask me my online income range, well, not good. Its still too bad!! But I’m not giving up and I assure that soon I will be making thousands of dollars inline. I’m on it now.

One of the keys to have your site fresh and alive is to have your site content fresh and unique. Are these enough? May be; but still more important things exist. The KEYWORDs! If you are new to this term, you may seem helpful. If not, just have a refreshment about the importance of keywords.

The Search Engines, those mighty dragons of the web world, are responsible for moving everything around. They are so picky to sites which have rich keywords. Having only 10 to 15 articles with very good keyword rich content is far better than having a site with 100 articles with poor keyword density. Wait! Did I mention something new? Oh yes! Keyword density is nothing but a factor. Every word in your article can have keyword density. OK. First I tell you what a keyword is and then about keyword density.

Remember a single common example to realize the importance of keywords. Every drop of rain is not so precious. But when a drop falls into a shell, it becomes a pearl. A keyword is not so different. Out of several hundred words in a single article, some of the words will be repeated several times (intentionally or unintentionally). When a word appears several times in the article, it is said to have a density which is nothing but the percentage of this word in the whole article. Roughly it is (word count of a word in article) / (word count of the article).

When a single article is keyword rich, it make it catchy to the search engines to some extent. When the whole site is so, the search engines start to love your site and would eventually increase your site’s ranking. When your site ranks higher and higher, you need not worry about adding more traffic to your site. The search engines will do it for you. All you have to do is to organize your site the way how search engines like them.

If Content is King! Then words are the citizens and keywords are king’s guards. As far as they are strong, the king is safe!

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