Google Is Not Stupid – Multiply Your Traffic Generation Tips

No doubt that Google today is the leading search engine in the world. Common phrases use like „Google it“ or in another words „Search it on the internet“ are synonymous today.

That is why you must not neglect Google if you want to be an internet marketer. As of today, Google brings you and your website the greatest visibility on the internet, hence it is vital to know and understand what Google provides and how Google behaves.

By doing so, you have a foot in the door in driving greater traffic to your website!

1)Understanding the behavior of Google

The first important thing you have to understand is how Google actually works. It is not an ordinary search engine which ranks web pages by the mere checking of the keywords.

Google has formulated a sophisticated method for crawling from many years of intensive research and refining user-preferred searches. Google makes sure that its search engine function provides the closest relevant searches to their visitors by checking a wide range of items on the webpage. By tailoring the search engine technology closely to user preferences, Google has now made sure that they are the preferred search engine among many users.

2) Making your webpage relevant

Google will never want any irrelevant results on its searches as it is very conscious about its reputation. This in turn, leads to ensuring relevant and quality results which are the expectations of web users.

Some key items that you do not want to miss: