Getting Ranked Better on Google without Adwords

What if you could get ranked well on Google without Google Adwords, PPC, and being able to actually make a livable income without going getting involved in pyramid schemes, filling out surveys or other get paid to schemes, and even without your own email list?

Internet gurus do have thousands of dollars to spend on Adwords. The gurus can broker lists and use their JV partners to make deals. Most of us don’t have JV deals like that. What is the average internet marketer to do? How can you make a steady income online if you’re not a guru? You are just as capable as they are after all. Here’s how.

1. Narrow your niche focus

The money is in the niche but the size of the niche is what really counts. Many small niches are making people money due to the fact that they have very little competition or none at all and even more importantly not many marketers are catering to these small niches because many people are still pursuing big competitive keywords such as „make money online“ or „dog training tips.“ Drill down to get to the gold within a niche.

2. Be careful with keywords

Even though a niche has no competition think about why it might not have any competition. Trying to make money from keyword of obscure phrases which have no customers in the niche are going to frustrate you and keep you at your current level. Focus on phrases which have little competition yet a lot of under served customers. Though it is not enough to just be on the first page anymore, it matter where you are on the first page.

3. Focusing on on country

The internet is you window to the world. Use it effectively to serve other countries of the world. Many people get tunnel vision of trying to sell products to customers in their country where as other countries may have double the purchasing power. If you cast your net wide enough you will get back better results.

There you have it three ways to get ranked on Google without adwords and without gurus contradicting advice which only confuse you.

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