Competely Improve Page Rank and Search Engine Ranking? Is it be Worth It?

The Google Page Rank or PR for short is a ranking system created by Google that aids with their search algorithm. Each website is allotted aworth from nil to 10 with 10 being the highest. When your site is brand spanking new it is instantly allotted a value of zero.

Your goal is to get that number up to 10, which isn’t straightforward, but it can be done, it just takes work. Realistically you’re looking to attain 5 to 8 which is really good. Having said that here are some systems you can use to help increase your Google Page Rank and appear higher on those Google search lists. Google looks positively upon sites when other internet sites link back to them.

The more links you have pointing to your site the better and the higher PR those sites have that’s even better yet. In other words an internet site which has a PR of 5 that points back to your website has a higher worth than an internet site with a PR of 1. Although there’s notmuch wrong with a website which has a PR of 1 pointing back to you, it just implies you will need more of them.

There are 2 sorts of links that may refer back to your site, they are reciprocal links and one way links. Reciprocal links are links in which a website places a link on their site that points back to yours and to compensate you put a link to their site on yours. This process is also called a link exchange.

You can spend many hours browsing the internet and contacting web sites individually or you can look up internet sites that are specially designed to handle link exchanges. Doing a Google search on the words „Link Exchange“ will yield you lots of results.

There also are plenty of free options out there. One way links are exactly what the term implies. An internet site has a link pointing back to your website and you aren’t responsible to return the favor. The simplest way to do that is thru article marketing.

That’s the method of where you’ll write an article and post it to diverse article directories and include a link to your site in a resource box. Then bloggers pick up your articles and post them on their blogs which includes your link. Google looks positively upon one way links. Finally, you can partake in dialogue related to what your website is about on various social networking sites and notice boards.

In the debate areas they let you have a signature line. In your signature line you can post a link back to your site. The more active you are in those dialogue with important info the more frequently your link will appear. There are the 3ways I recommend to help raise your Google Page Rank.

They are all free which is very helpful and irrespective of what you read you can not go from a zero to anine in a couple of months. The Google algorithm doesn’t allow for it. Be prepared to work at it and in virtually no time you can climb up that Google PR ladder.

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