Common Sense SEO Strategy

Having worked in the web development and SEO field for almost 10 years, I get asked on a daily basis about getting top rankings in search engines. People want to know the ‚dirty tricks‘, the ’secret techniques‘, the ‚black hat tactics‘ or the ‚magic button‘ we use to get top rankings. I have to laugh because SEO isn’t about beating the search engines or punching holes in the algorithms. You don’t need to spend your days trying to trick or deceive the search engines. It’s actually fairly simple, if you use common sense and build your websites the right way, you will give the search engines what they want and that’s Relevant Results.

Yes, relevant results, that’s what the search engines want to provide and exactly what searchers are looking for. Makes sense right? Now, I’m not knocking SEO Experts by any means because there are steps you have to take to build your web sites and there are techniques used to insure you get the top rankings but, it’s not as hard as you think. You need a few key ingredients, keyword analysis and research, proper site structure, relevant content and relevant one way links. These are the key ingredients to getting to search engine rankings and if utilized correctly, will get you good rankings.

Let’s start with your keyword analysis and research. This is where you will find out if it is viable to create a web site based around your keywords or niche. You must know if you are building a site that’s going to be profitable. Know your niche, plain and simple, if you are just starting out, don’t try to develop sites around topics you are unfamiliar with. Do the research and find out if people are buying products in your niche or there are enough searches each month to support a new site in your niche or topic. There are many keyword analysis tools available, find one you are comfortable with and take the time to research.

Next, we’ll take a look at your site’s structure. For starters, do you have proper title tags? If not, that’s the first place to start your common sense approach. Your title tags should contain the keywords or key phrases that you are trying to get rankings for. Don’t make the mistake most people do and put the name of your website in the title tag, unless that’s what you are targeting. If you are trying to get search engine rankings for „internet marketing seminars“ make sure it’s in your title tags. That makes perfect sense right?

Next, are the rest of your Meta tags in place? Your description and keywords are crucial to the equation. I know, some of the SEO Experts say Meta tags are a waste of time and I encourage you to ask them for their test results that back that up. Because, I have the stats and analysis that shows they do make a difference in your rankings. When you list your description, use the keywords and key phrases that you want to be ranked for in the description. Don’t abuse the description tag, use common sense and put an accurate description but use your keywords. The keywords Meta tag is very important, don’t get carried away and put hundreds of keywords in there, use common sense and put the keywords and key phrases you are trying to get rankings for.

The rest of your web sites structure should be easy to navigate and most importantly structured in a way that categorizes and keeps the flow of your website on theme. What does that mean? If you want search engine rankings, keep your site on theme. If your site is about Computers, keep it that way, don’t overload it with unnecessary information and links. Keep it on theme.

This leads to the content of your web site, which is the absolute most important key to getting good search engine rankings. I mentioned early in this article that search engines want to provide relevant results and searchers are looking for relevant results so, it only makes sense to provide good, relevant content. If you provide good, unique, relevant, on theme content, you will get rankings.

Now, combine your relevant content with good structure, followed by some relevant one way links and I’ll show you a web site that will get good search engine rankings. All this can be done using a good common sense approach, you don’t need a magic button or some dirty black hat techniques. Give the search engines and searches exactly what they are looking for, good relevant content.

The next common sense technique is very important and plays a big role in what your web sites get ranked for, back links. Specifically, one way links. You must get people to link to your web site from their web sites and using the right link text is crucial. When going after one way links make sure you are linking back to your site using the keywords or key phrases you want rankings for. I’ll use my internet marketing seminars example, if that’s my target keyword, that’s exactly how I have to link back to my site. The words „internet marketing seminars“ would be the link that goes back to my site on the topic.

In conclusion, it does take some time to learn how to take these few steps and properly coordinate them together to achieve good results. But, you can achieve top search engine rankings by using common sense. []Pat Lovell is an []SEO Expert and has been working in the web development & SEO field for 10 years. Pat also speaks at seminars around the US and UK on SEO and building profitable websites. For more information visit Pat’s site: []Dominating Google

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