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How it became A Mystery to Web Designers? – SEO

My story has been written several million times. I’d had this great idea; I was pretty good with the internet. In fact I made most of my purchases through the internet and considered myself a proficient surfer so decided that I wanted a slice of the pie. I’d decided to set-up my own online business.
So what did I do?
I considered myself to be reasonably intelligent. I’d managed to pass a law degree and had worked in various I.T companies performing assorted tasks. I had a pretty good knowledge of business and set about finding suppliers and products that I could sell on my new online venture.
I had everything I needed and was ready to go. …

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Psychology of the Search

The Psychology of the Search – Google and Search Engine scientists and SEO professionals spend a lot of time pondering this. After all when we cut through all the marketing techniques and link building – the bottom line is that the search engines need to deliver the information that the searchers want. If achieving a High ranking in Google could be summarized it would be simply deliver the best results for the inquiry. Herein lies the dilemma with one of the primary factors that defines the importance of a web page – back links into that page.
Take an example of a hugely informative but badly optimized page of information written by …

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