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Keep Fresh Content On Your Website

Over the past few years, Google has revamped their search engine algorithm, or the way they rank websites when indexing every site. On average, Google will roll out a new algorithm each year, then make changes to it as they see it fits. It’s important for business owners and SEO’s alike, to pay close attention to these changes, as if focused on properly, you’ll be able to stay ahead with the latest changes and tips.
Relevant content has been an important aspect of SEO for years, though with the latest algorithm update, it is now more important than ever to start paying attention. Relevant content is simply defined as content that is useful to the viewer, …

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Common Search Engines Top Ranking Mistakes Made By Marketers

If you want your website to increase its ranking in search engines, you need to be straightforward in your approach, instead of trying to beat around the bush. Most websites that commit this common mistake never get ranked and simply watch all efforts go down the drain.
These are just some of the basic and most common website optimization mistakes that you must try to avoid.
Wrong Use of Keywords
At the start of planning for your search engine optimization campaign, you must begin with identifying the relevant keywords you are going to use for your website. It is vital to determining whether your website will be ranked higher in the search engines as a result of …

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Chinese Search Engine Marketing for International Brands

International brands need awareness and exposure in the top markets around the world and China is surely of the topmost preferred markets.
However the problem for most companies is that the entry point in the Chinese market is a difficult one to pass through. There are a lot of linguistic as well as cultural barriers alongside the regional rules and regulations that a company has to deal with before establishing itself with the Chinese audience. One of the easiest modes to get access to a Chinese customer is the Internet and Chinese Search Engine Marketing can prove to be just the right vehicle your brand needs to drive into the hearts and minds of millions of …

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Secrets Behind Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has become a given in search marketing optimization. Whenever you have a new blog or web content, and you want the search engines to quickly index, it is advisable to bookmark your blog with the social bookmarking sites. In most of the times, your web content would be quickly indexed.
What is happening behind the scene? Search engines like Google,Yahoo, Bing are looking for newer content. Search engines look for newer content at all places. Social bookmarking sites are magnets because they are supposed to have original content.
When you want to remember something, you would create an association. When you want to remember a webpage or website, you would place it in your favorites …

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The Use of Twitter in Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays, most of internet users have existing twitter account. But how can twitter help you optimized your website? Most of online marketers and business owners are keen on digging up information and ideas on how they can optimize their site for them to earn more revenues.
Most of twitter user have tweets composed of effective long tail keywords, are being ranked high and visible in first results page in search engines.
There’s a new innovative way to maximize search engine optimization -with the use of twitter marketing. As you possibly know, Twitter’s links are No Follow and result of being basically futile in link building. Nevertheless, being visible in higher page rank in almost all of search …

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Reporting Competition To Google Is A Waste Of Time.

I was reading an article written by Rae Hoffman the other day about whether or not it’s a „good“ idea to report your competition to Google. I think it’s such a good topic to discuss that I had to add my own article regarding this „SEO tactic“. (Thanks Rae!!!)
Incase you are not familiar with Google tattle tailing; this is how is goes down. You are in the process of checking out your search engine rankings and realize that another site is kicking your butt. At this time you are so frustrated that you click on their site and look for any technique that could remotely be considered „black hat“. After you convince yourself that this …

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How To Get Your Website Ranked In The Search Engines Title

If you’re trying to make money on the internet, the best thing you can do is get your website ranked on the first page of search results forthe major search engines .
Because, ranking on the first page of results gives you the opportunity to get quality traffic to your money-making offer, without costing you any money!
This means that any sales you make off of a free website ranking is pure, 100% profit!!!
But then that begs the question: How do you do it?
After all, search engines are confusing! They’re
always changing, and they rely on super-high-tech
algorithms that are top secret to rank websites.
Right? Right?
Well… sort of. Yes, search engines are always
changing, and they are run by top …

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Keyword density

Some will say that 2% to 8% is the ideal density of keywords for SEO purposes. Others claim that optimum density for Google is specifically 2% and that anything higher will result in your site being penalized. For Yahoo and MSN, they specify a 5% keyword density. But is it really?
In my experience as an SEO writer, most internet marketers require keyword seeding density at 10% or higher. Now, if Google, which happens to be the most popular search engine in the internet, does indeed penalize websites with keywords seeded at more than 2%, don’t you think that it’s senseless for my clients to ask for more than 2% seeding?
Since Google, Yahoo and MSN began …

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