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Microsoft bing: pros and cons

Microsoft has unveiled its re energized search engine „Bing“, after building upon improvement concepts of its original search engine „Live Search“. While the previous Live Search engine might have a narrow range of hits for each search term, the Bing seems to have come up with impressive additions to make your browsing experience pleasant.
The first thing is the „related searches“ attribute. Now, for every search term that you enter into Bing, you will get a list of search results and also a short list of related search results visible nicely on the left side of the computer screen. This makes the browsing experience of either a novice computer user or an experienced researcher more time-saving …

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SE-News: Tazoodle

Google has dominated the search engines for over a decade now and there is no indication that it is slowing down. Its advertising revenue in 2008, for example, significantly exceeded its 2007 earnings. Online searchers using the Google portal in 2008 initiated billions of searches – impressive numbers.
Tazoodle is a new generation of search engine set to compete with Google. Created by Steve Duval and his advisory board, Tazoodle is set to wage war with all the top search engines. What makes the new search engine a worthy competitor is the fact that it offers a unique business model – sharing its revenue with both advertisers and search engine users.
Although still in pre-launch phase, Tazoodle …

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Will Bing Really Make A Difference In The Search Engine Wars?

It is a story of d

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Google And Mozilla’s Partnership

For many years, Google and Mozilla have had a good relationship that has been beneficial to both parties. Google has actively promoted the Mozilla FireFox browser and in exchange, Google has been the default search engine for FireFox. With over 20% of the market share, FireFox is the second most popular browser available and has Millions of users in the UK alone. Understandably, being the default search engine for FireFox is a coveted position. In fact, almost 90% of Mozilla’s revenue comes from this partnership with Google.
Last year, Google launched its own browser, Chrome, and this has changed things considerably. Whilst the introduction of Chrome does not necessarily signify the end of the Google / …

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MyBuzzMontor: A Killer Widget for Bloggers

(openPR) – Monitis Inc., a leading provider of web monitoring solutions, launched new website MyBuzzMonitor grants bloggers an opportunity to enhance their blogs with customizable buzz monitoring widget. Once installed it will track and display latest news and online conversation using chosen keywords.
Running a blog and would like to publish recent buzz about your topic? Running a trendy website often discussed in other blogs and social networks? Having a popular product and want to show how much buzz it creates? Running a viral marketing campaign for yourself or a client? You will find MyBuzzMonitor ( to be a valuable addition for keeping eyeballs on fresh online conversations that mention your company, product and blog

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