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Getting Backlinks through Article Submission

Article submission is a popular way of establishing the presence of a company on the internet. Many large and small businesses use article submission to promote their websites.
Nowadays, small business no longer uses traditional media to promote their site. Examples of traditional media include television, radio, and magazine advertisements. One way to build the company reputation is to submitting to the article directories. Popular article directories receive millions of visitors per month. If your article is interesting, many people will come to view your article. In the article, you are allowed to include two active links in the resource box. To insert a link, you need to use the insert full URL, for example …

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Linkbuilding: Seven Things to Avoid When Looking For Link Partners

Designing a Reciprocal Link Campaign can be a tricky endeavor. As a webmaster, you must choose your linking partners wisely. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself one question: „Will this be a valuable resource to my readers?“ If you view it as a legitimate, valuable website, chances are Google will too.
Below you will find 7 tips for avoiding the major pitfalls new web developers often encounter.
1.) Do not link to sites that are irrelevant to yours. Search engines only view relevant reciprocal links as a means of improving your Page Ranking.
2.) Avoid sites that have a „Links Page“ that is hard to find. Some sites don’t even connect their home page …

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The Simple Truth About Building One Way Links

One Way Link Building Plan Using RSS Feeds to Build Link Popularity
A really successful way to build your link popularity is through the use of your blogs RSS feed capability. Real Simple Syndication better know by its acronym of RSS is an effective way to syndicate content all over the web through RSS feeds. It is fairly easy to build RSS feeds into your website that have links to your web pages.
The more times your RSS feed shows up on other sites the more links there will be to your site. Each of these links is like a tiny endorsement for your site and adds points to your link popularity. The good thing now a …

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What Is Reciprocal Linking History

Just a few short years ago, there was a web page description tag called the Meta Keywords tag. It quickly became popular with unscrupulous web masters incorrectly applying keywords in an effort to rank better in the search engines. Google, and many top search engines ended up discounting, and ultimately ignoring keywords. It is still important to include this in your page, but for different reasons.
Increasingly, search engines have been placing more importance on a websites „connectivity“ to other websites to determine how important, or relevant, your site is. This connectivity is done through linking. A link is like vote of confidence (in the eyes of the search engine) that says, „This site counts.“ The …

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Exchange links with care

You have to build quality link if you want good position in the search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo! etc. it will help you to get inbound links which is to increase the search engine results page position for your websites homepage and automatically for your deeper URLs. Link exchanging with other webmasters and bloggers is not always of very valued thing as you are thinking of it. The reason is promiscuously exchanging of links creates a lot of noise and haphazardness. Your exchanging of links with irrelevant links which is completely unrelated to your website will do no good for your websites publicity. It will just increase the number of links. And therefore …

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SEO and Building Natural Links

We all know that in order to attain high rankings in the Google search results we must make a consistent effort to build one way back links to our site. Google emphasizes the need for these links to be natural as they will hold far more weight than unnatural links, but what are natural links and is it really an attainable goal.
Google see a natural link as one which is acquired by creating quality content on our sites, therefore enticing a user to link back to the site as a reference. The problem is, no one is likely to see your content unless you publish it at high traffic sites around the web, like article …

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Deep Linking Submission

Deep Linking is an essential part in seo, and its benefits are many. Though most of the webmaster only concentrates 10% of their effort on inner page promotion. Usually they concentrate on home page, but if we concentrate properly on deep linking, it can give quite fruitful results. A Deep Link is nothing but a link to an inner page of website. While home page is about what the main service or product of the website, a deep link contains the information about the topic related to main product. For instance consider an example of web design company website, while the home page is about web design, there will be inner pages about graphic design, …

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Backlinks: 6 Important Strategies to Getting More

Also referred to as IBLs or inbound links, backlinks are a necessary ingredient for high search engine page ranking. If you want your website or blog or article to rise to the top of search engine results pages, you need to have a lot of backlinks. This indicates to the search engines that your site receives a lot of traffic. The more traffic you get, the higher your ranking. You know how they say you need to have money to make money? Well, it’s true about web traffic as well. You need to have web traffic to get more web traffic.
So how do you go about getting these all-important backlinks that will help you to …

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