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What are the 7 Keyword Secrets to Rank Your Page No1 in Google ?

In this article, we show you the 7 keyword secrets to rank in the first google,s page.
Like it or not, here are the facts:
1.According to forrester research 93% of consumer’s worldwide use search engine to locate web site.
2.According to user, 85 % of qualified web traffic is driven through search engines. 75% of search engine traffic never scroll past the first page of results.
3.Google is the number one search engine worldwide.
Yahoo , bing and msn are search engines as well, but you have to focuss to google knowing the above factors. and oftenly when your page rank high in google, it appears in msn and bing as well.
Knowing these facts, do you have the …

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The Other Side of the Google – Google Tools

When most of us think of Google, we tend to focus almost exclusively on the Google search engine. If we are bloggers or online marketers one of our primary concerns is optimizing our websites to rank high in the Google search results in order to drive more and more traffic to our websites and blogs. You should be aware though that Google has a wealth of inbound marketing tools, that largely go unnoticed, that can help you drive more traffic to your sites for both free and paid marketing. I’m talking about tools like Google Adwords, Google Places, Google News, Google Reader, Google Alerts, the Google+ Social Network, Google Analytics, and Google Docs to name …

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Does Google Use Keyword Meta Tag For Rankings?

A Meta Tag is essentially a description about what your website contains, or what is listed on an individual webpage. This text will usually fall just below the title on your website and is what appears on the search engine results page when someone performs a search for your website or any set of keywords that are associated with your website.
Using a good Meta Description can help to draw more individuals to your website and increase your search engine ranking, as long as you aren’t spamming with it. Spamming typically is an overuse of certain words and phrases designed to make a page look like it is more relevant on a topic than others.
Imagine that …

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SEO Trends 2010: Understanding Google Places

Google has recently launched a new service called Google Places that is aimed at promoting local businesses on its search engine. More importantly, this service is separate from the paid services such as the Ad Words program. Google Places has been initiated with a few US cities and it is bound to grow bigger every week.
It is essentially a method of increasing the chances of a business being highlighted on the Google Search Page when a query for a local business is made. Please understand that this service seems to be aimed at the regional side of business listings. Hence, queries that are made for a particular city, province, street or even a neighborhood are …

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Google discloses Adsense Revenue Share Formula

In the wake of increasing competition by hundreds of online affiliate advertising sources, Google is beginning to feel the pain of lost revenue. For years professional bloggers have complained that they felt hindered by not knowing how to calculate projected ad revenue as it has been a closely guarded Google secret.
Today, Google published the formula in an effort to retain what ad publishers it has left and to win back those who have abandoned them for other providers. As a result, the competition will only grow larger now that everyone can mathematically compile their projected earnings.
Unfortunately the results weren’t very pleasing. Google claims to pay 68% of all ad revenue to the publisher. While seemingly …

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Get High Page Ranking in Google with the use of Website Title Tags Today!

There’s a lot of time that website designers and business owners are engaged to do same mistake all over and over again. That mistake is having their each title page named as „about us“ or „home“. How can they finally realize that having their website title page named as „about us“ is not more likely to be indexed by search engines like yahoo and Google?
Naming your website as „Home“ is a worst move when you’re promoting a specific product online. Because, to be more indexed by search engines, your title page must be distinguish by them, but how can make it happen if your website is one of those website having the same title page …

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Rank For Competitive Keywords in Google Organic Search Results With Videos

As more and more businesses and websites find their way online, search engine rankings have become the new Wall Street jungle. High placement on major keywords can be gold to businesses as the traffic they generate can mean millions.
For many websites the power larger websites hold with more resources and more money can be overwhelming. You have a weapon to get to the top of Google rankings for competitive keywords. The answer is videos and especially YouTube.
YouTube was bought my Google and shows up exceptionally high in Google organic rankings. Do a test. I bet you that for just about every major keyword there is a video showing up on the front page. If there …

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Google Is Not Stupid – Multiply Your Traffic Generation Tips

No doubt that Google today is the leading search engine in the world. Common phrases use like „Google it“ or in another words „Search it on the internet“ are synonymous today.
That is why you must not neglect Google if you want to be an internet marketer. As of today, Google brings you and your website the greatest visibility on the internet, hence it is vital to know and understand what Google provides and how Google behaves.
By doing so, you have a foot in the door in driving greater traffic to your website!
1)Understanding the behavior of Google
The first important thing you have to understand is how Google actually works. It is not an ordinary search engine …

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